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About the show

Need a distraction? Are you looking for some gossip on pop culture and much more? Like tales from Lithgow in the 1980s, cults & UK Royals.

Plus we are Beverly Hills 90210 obsessed. Aren’t we all? And 90210 is getting a revamp in 2019.

Come visit us in the Ladies of Lithgow Laugh Lounge. Stay for a while. We will bring laughs and the drinks.

As royals ourselves, we take monarchy seriously...until we sink that second glass of champagne.

But when it comes to friendships, we are solid & the Ladies of Lithgow have known each other since they were tiny babies.

So we offer friendship and free drinks! Winner!

We are little bit Lithgow and a lot blue blood...maybe. Hopefully we can give you some light relief from the everyday.

So grab a wine, a cupcake & have a laugh. These ladies of Lithgow never forget a thing about the Princess Diana Years 1981-1997. #TeamSussex.

God Save the Queen because we know who is up next! Or maybe it will be Donna Martin when she graduates from West Beverly High.

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a heart with an arrow through itWhat fans say about the podcast

Time for More Ladies of Lithgow

Time for more Ladies of Lithgow instead . Oh and I would like to personally thank you for helping me get our team to second place in trivia last week. There was a question about Lisa van der Pump or whatever her name is and her shows and I knew the answer only because I had heard your podcast !


For Anyone Who Grew Up in the 1990s and 1980s

A friendly ramble through the vagaries of life. This light-heated podcast made my day.

Finally Skeeping

About the Hosts

Lisa VanderTait

Lisa VanderTait

Lithgow Royalty

Opinions. Many. Laughs. A lot. Real housewives expert. Winner of Lithgow Baby Show 1974. Known Eskbank since they were in seperate wombs. Will never forgive Prince Charles.

Duchess of Eskbank

Duchess of Eskbank

Lithgow Royalty

Famous. Infamous. Known Tait since they were in seperate  wombs. Once crowned Queen Feral.



Weather Man

Sounding board for the hosts. Reporter of weather and local news. Excellent memory. OG Brandon Walsh 90210 hater. Was right in that assessment.

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Start listening to JFK Jr - 20 Years Since Fatal Crash, plus Kennedy Curse
Start listening to JFK Jr - 20 Years Since Fatal Crash, plus Kennedy Curse