Nanna’s disappearing knickers!

The story of Nanna’s Disappearing Knickers!!! Thank God the dead can’t sue.

Nanna Freda was a big fan of control underwear and was often seen running through our house in her "step-ins" while getting ready for Quota.

When my sister and I were both teens, we were lectured by Nanna Freda about getting fat and advised to get some control knickers.

As an adult, I understand the wisdom of this because there is nothing better than a nice, fine line under your clothing.

But if you don't pull it off you will almost certainly have a wardrobe malfunction.

Nanna Freda was meticulous in her upkeep of her step-ins and would every night have them handwashed (probably by my Mum) and hung on the clothes line.

One morning she emerged from her slumber to find them missing. They were gone!

Immediately the finger was pointed at the neighbourhood hoodlum,.

But I don't think it was him. That was not his game. I suspected we had a pervert in our midst.

But Nanna Freda was not deterred and the next day hung her support knickers on the clothesline again.

The next morning, they were gone again!

"Oh, Freda! Your step-ins are gone," my mother shouted.

The family made its way to the backyard to investigate. Yep, they were missing. There was outrage because step-ins were expensive. We had a pervert in the neighbourhood.

There was discussion about calling the police to report a "snowdropper".

Soon another relative of mine emerged from the house laughing their head off.

When we asked what was so funny, the relative appeared with the step ins and said he had hidden the second pair to give Nanna Freda a stir-up.

Hilarity ensued.

The first pair have never been found.

And that is the mystery of Nanna Freda's Disappearing Control Knickers.

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