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Do you feel you’re not being heard? Are your knickers in a knot? This is the podcast for you! Why are the Snarkarellas not getting enough sleep? Why are families falling apart across Australia? What’s wrong with their scrolling fingers? What’s on the list today? Thanks for filling in for Rella, Jen! Please come visit our new website at Snarkarellas.com, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Hello and welcome to the Snarkarellas.do you feel like you're not being heard?

The Snarkarellas have been sharing their opinions since 1979 when they met in the playground at Lithgow Primary School.

These ladies have seen a lot in life, culminating a shared interest in documenting life’s frustrations. It’s their way of fighting back at the system, one glass of wine at-a-time.

Snark, aka Lisa Tait, is a professional complainant and once had a job fighting first world issues for CHOICE, aka the Australian Consumer’s Association.So she did it all day, every day, meaning you are in safe hands with your first world issues.

Her cohost Rella is anonymous on the podcast because she has years of experience in dealing with customer complaints for large institutions and needs to share it.Come and pick he Snarkarella brain.

Do you feel you’re not being heard? Are your knickers in a knot? This is the podcast for you! Why are the Snarkarellas not getting enough sleep? Why are families falling apart across Australia? What’s wrong with their scrolling fingers?What’s on the list today?

Friend Jen tells how Snark and herself are obsessed by the unfolding Jeffrey Epstein case. They talk diets, manflu, not getting work done, erotic fireman videos, horses heads, anxiety & insomnia.

And today we have a friend of our podcast Jen who is replacing my cohost while she does a few missions for us out there and complaints world.

Jen hello I'm good thanks, what's getting your goat?

“Everything, everything at the moment but but we should be talking from a bunker we are obsessed by Jeffrey Epstein. We won’t go into the details but we're not getting a lot of sleep because we are, at one in the morning, refreshing Twitter.”

I've had no sleep for days over this you know the family unit is falling apart as I sit there in the dark.

We can't miss a thing when we have to share everything immediately yeah. You do Facebook Messenger group dedicated to the latest news and all the theories that are going around about.

In case you don't know Jeffrey Epstein was a high-profile American figure well Criminal who was up on sex offences against children charges.

But he's either disappeared or is dead.

He s not dead he's in witness protection.

The body they brought out of that jail was not him no definitely, no he is alive and they gonna take down some big names.

Yes so that's why we may be a little bit short temper today\, lack of sleep and things we really had to bit more to general people provoking is I'm just pissed off everywhere because of the lack of sleep well I was up at 1:35 am Because I'm a bit anxious I've got so much on at the moment and arm when I'm anxious I get Ichi have you ever heard that it's terrible so I keep on scratching my head in the middle of the night so I think I'll see if something is happened but it's always a deep dive you gotta commit when you go onto Twitter pages and links and then following another thread over there and three hours exactly and then my daughter had trouble motivating her because apparently she gets sick on Monday mornings Jen yeah right so this morning her alarm went off at seven and it woke me up but didn't wake her up so I've been up at 1:35 am reading the latest on this breaking story now Jen and I are extra nice we are possessed by the 16 story where chasing the story where waiting for that Deep Throat outsource our secret Not ringing at this and it doesn't matter how much couple we have that phone is not ringing and we needed to re-yes ring so anyway I will get on with it and will talk today about what is on the list from us not Correllas podcast group well this one is for you and I getting work done yeah it's not happening none of us are getting work done that was number one on the list to wait here yeah not happening so we can totally agree with that arm I might have a social media break I think at some point do you I've tried that but it's an addiction was it s**t like when you tried it was awful you know the trimmest like I've got DTs you know it's just a way otherwise it's just automatic Yeah okay I've never had a social media break so it sounds it can be a bit stressful I tried once again well that's wonderful that I have which brings this to number two kids well if you don't like kids turn off the Wi-Fi with in three weeks they move out is tried and tested it works well I was thinking of hiding the modem last night just change the passwords all our devices in this house are password protected and I have the password that is a great solution but because I am so tired I didn't think of it kidding you know who thinks that he belongs in the world of tanks or something and if you can get away with it he played all day long so is this a game I'm part of his history studies driving Russian tanks around until year 12 I don't think you get to Russia until year 11 or 12 no okay Instagram celebrities it came in at number three I haven't been on Instagram once much lately because I've been on Twitter dropped off Instagram because of the amount of time together and Facebook is taking me up on Instagram I know same here I do not know what's going on but you know it's not Correllas the Cinderella's it's not we are on Insta yes Ollie back okay sickness I was a bit sick last week I can't remember why but it just was making me grumpy any sickness in your own bed so my next playing up a bit but then I just swear a lot and take it out on the family so well when she told me about All the better for sarcasm yeah so we have zero tolerance for stuff okay so last thinking of sinus because my husband had like sinus for about a month as it develops into man flu he's not really man flu are on the floor goes to bed and all my gosh the world is gonna collapse do you have to does he want like chicken broth for five day old chickens that face north and their feathers and then by virgin yeah okay will that's good for him or is he just generally want to complain no he takes to bed at least he goes into his room and I can get on but I want to do but it means he's not here to do you need the garbage put out and things like that stop it And rental children he's the maternal one not me so yes so on my diet so I've decided my fatness is now at a record level arm so I've got the food diary you know that one from my fitness or whatever it's called on my fitness pal app yes I hate that thing I don't eat much because I don't expect much energy neck injury spinal issues so I started logging yeah everything I ate because I gave up true sugar Coke is probably having three days worth of calories in my Coke addiction per day so I cut that out and I was looking my food and it would let me complete the diary each day because I was eating too little losing weight I'm maintaining my way order yet we are incredibly help But I'm also very short complete discrimination you should write to someone about that I should I don't know Alan Jones right understand the dilemma is it no problem giving up the Coke I think because he was a rugby coach sugar variety I can't let loose because it tells me like where my calories are from so I need to up the protein reduce the carbs big time story of my life anyway I've got it I've also got a nutritionist he's like done a two page thing for me and let's go although I did he recently 95% of diets fail and you go back to bigger than you were before but I think that's b******t because I kept White off from about 2009 to 2013 to now I had personal trainer yeah it's movement and also portion size for salad plate yeah everybody else in the family because it got a great metabolism and teenagers do you think I spend energy when I'm lying on the lounge watching the real housewives of New York will also your finger how many calories thinking about you know when people are really anxious I'm really anxious person and then they say oh she's got lots of nervous energy well it's never worked for me that I've been up calories by being on like a lunatic overstate the trouble is I stuff my face with chocolate so yeah No I've got three flooding anxiety most of the time but it's never ever helped me lose calories in a stage where if it was really bad every single time I get up and go for a walk so that would so I flipped the switch does that make sense padlocks dog yes that would help spot for it although it has been cold but no one is complaining about the weather that is weird because it is 12° when I left the house this morning so it is still winter and we took a long time coming so maybe that's it snowing in Lithgow was orange and yes well I went to netball the other day and I brought out my coat which I bought to go to Chicago in Amber it's been treated or tested to -40° suck you I'll put a photo up and it was too hot because I had a coffee you know but arm it's okay it's downfield if you're too hot yeah exactly know it's a good outfit for netball I think so that's where we're at at the moment in terms of the price to only one person was it I'm bothered by a band at telco an insurer really had the fight with Optus recently because my NBN keep going down and they kept saying it was no problem that was easily fixed because I keep saying to hold off that I needed to watch my fireman porn you escalated As a woman of a certain age you mentioned that you can't watch your porn get fixed immediately because they can't cope that is excellent everyone write that down by the way the last three months we had 100 bucks 200 bucks knocked off our phone bills because of my fireman porn addiction finished now and get some fireman listen to this addiction do they have dinner so Bizarre brother he went to refinance something and it took them like six months and one day the first time I went for a mortgage I was buying a place by myself I went to the bank I bank with the 18 years they will give me $45\,000 they wouldn't give me any more because I was single who had university background and would possibly go back to uni and get more Hickstead but my mate and his wife they had a dependent child he just started his first job ever he was offered $150\,000 by the same bank wife and newborn daughter three months full-time work and was given that much on the list old man that was 20 years ago I closed all accounts with that bank Citing our local one and a different bank it straight away bank don't go to the Newcastle permanent that's the one they go I mean a lot on our list still if it's a de facto couple they won't give them the special stuff discounted mortgage defect oh night fact oh yeah you must be legally married otherwise you won't qualify for the staff mortgage that's bizarre put them on the list and complain we could solve that come to us anyone he's got information about the Newcastle permanent and right now I want to talk to you in about 5 to 10 Griffi particulars glamour shots and engagement shots see you this whole thing is By now we've got phone pics left so they've pushed and push this whole glamour shots and engagement shots as a must have more of that income because your family shot you to take your own these days but they pushed his whole engagement shop arm shoots cake smashes and all these other special with this destroyed the dress I don't blame the photographers for doing it because they have lost income but seriously girl dress destroyer beautiful dress close please and even if you end up divorced over to somebody else Don't destroy it twice once to my husband and wants to another fellow that didn't get used so I sent it over to America and charity shop across America and they give the downs and reduced price to women so they pay a small amount and then that goes to breast cancer patients that is a wonderful something like that here yeah do you think we have a small population base with spreadout that that is a wonderful idea because I kind of wanted today send it out Husband blessing scary scary is before I got here I haven't eaten so in the car grumpy house but I couldn't explain what I needed to do so he was annoying me wrong spot explain anything yeah it's like I get to Jens house So I was like really friendly in the car but then we borrow your car at the moment it doesn't have a cupholder that was the cause of a lot of my upset today say a cupholder absence on the list the moment my husband doesn't have heated seats I hate going in his car especially 12° that is really cold here it is I don't want to play so I thought I was tough enough to go to Chicago and not be bothered by the cold because I moved it was -1-1 in Canberra the snow and frozen pipes love Morning dad so yeah I've kind of had trouble focusing on myself this morning but thank you husband for getting here today thank you shower together Mr snack Arella about to tell the story here that puts me in a very bad light and will call my friend miss Star Wars okay okay now time in a far away land sleep two girls myself and miss Star Wars now it was her brothers on the 21st birthday and we are at the party and she said to me come in here have an iPhone This and it was one of his guess were.Thanks for filling in for Rella\, Jen!Please come visit our new website at Snarkarellas.com\, Facebook\, Twitter or Instagram.

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