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Are you finding that your knickers have getting in a twist or you feel like you're not being heard ? Is something really pissing you off ? Yes . Well , then you've come to the right place because this is the podcast for you . So each episode we ask you what is on your list ? Yes . What is on your list ?

On the Snarkarella list - stickers on apples, hairy legs & three-day parties. Is  modern life making you rage , clean the kitchen.

Ask the Snarkarellas for advice. They are Cinderellas of snark.

I have the ever beautiful Snark. Hi.

Doesn't she sound lovely ? Yeah . And we are the Cinderellas of Snark. No .

Are you finding that your knickers have getting in a twist or you feel like you're not being heard ?

Is something really pissing you off ? Yes . Well , then you've come to the right place because this is the podcast for you . So each episode we ask you what is on your list ? Yes . What is on your list ?

We have got again another big list off things that are really pissing people off , getting their darts and getting their knickers in a twist . Outrageous .

So what we've got is a few things we've got . Stickers his own bloody apples . Ridiculous . We've had party neighbors and noisy neighbors . We've got gas bagging in the pool . Yes , we've got customer service that she Mmm . We've got people who duck and weave in shopping centres .

Yes , and we've got doing a bit of maintenance on the old hairs now that it's spring. Shaving in winter after me to rather on the least on the list .

So we've got another a bunch of really hard hitting topics . Again . We are jam packed with grievances and vexations noise , and we're not frivolous at all . No , we're not frivolous .

If you listen to our last episode , you will hear someone who defamed me by saying I was vexatious and frivolous. I might be vexatious , but I never frivolous . Nor have I made a claim without merit . Yes , little substance . He's on the list , still on the least , eternally.

So apples that have stickers. Look , there's a few things here . One is there could be really difficult to get off . Yes , you can end up trying to pick them off with your nail . You can get Apple in denial . Yes , cut it off, sometimes if you're not an emergency to cut it out . That's exactly right .

Now I'm thinking Okay , your brand . Your apple . You want people to know it's your apple ? Well then , usebpoint of sale materials . The negotiate with the supermarkets . Probably the IGA I might do it . But everyone sees a big sign that says the Snarkarella golden gala apple  .

That's it ? Yeah , I'm elected , um , pineapple . And there are parts too quickly prickly but sweet on the inside . Not vexatious . Um , and okay , I think it's what They're almost fruit ?

But why isn't it on vegetables and my wrong ? Have you ever seen a sweet potato with a Snarkarella sticker on it?  No . And that's an interesting point because my mind instantly went to reply and say but it's obvious that it's a sweet potato . You don't need to put a sticker on it , but then the sun can apply .

She'll carry for how many other paces of fruit look like a k way for none . I can get it with apples because you look down the apple . All you've got five different sorts of apples , so they might need a stick are to differentiate them . But no sweet potato . I'm not paying for it . So why , Okay , Efforts , My Vexatious Brian has come up with a solution . Yes , Yes , I I should do edible ones . Oh , like edible undies , huh ? I mean , someone . It's cool . You know what I'm talking about ? No . Anyway , someone in my he got edible undies and he took them at in history , and we all had a look and it was like aRollup. Also , you're gonna say you will have a lick , Not a little girl . We all had a choo . What does it taste like ? Does it taste like those for choose ? Like you know , those roll ups where they sort of a big plastic , you see , cuffed , icky , but their fruity I don't know .

But all I know is if Mrs Simmons had walked in while we were munching on the edible at lease . Oh , you know this person ? I won't name them , to be honest . ARJ okay . It's not that I have to take your undies off . Why do you have to eat them too ? Are they still around way ? I haven't bailing any shops recently . Isn't a fetish thing ? I don't know . Yeah , that's okay .

That's I'm gonna write that down . But it's something that needs to be explored . I think because I can imagine that as we're saying this out loud , all of our listeners are saying , What is the?

Could you imagine of Mrs Simmons went in ?

So what was going on and then had to confiscate them bitches . They would have all been laughing in the staff room . That's right . If not wearing them , if not having a taste , where would you get them in ?

 Yeah , you would have had to get it back his top . And you'd really have to go by . Public transport is we didn't have our own carpets in those days . No , because in this person with six day , so you'd be on the trying to Penrith bringing them home , or you catch the coach to Beth Fist , the Jonas Brothers coach . All right , well , I'm going to ask the person who was showing the edible undies in history and have a chat to him about it.

I might report back. Well , and they're always flavors like chocolate or strawberry . Yeah , well , this one with strawberry . I did have a strong memory off , but they're never anything a bit more savory like all this . Hey , nothing like that tonight . no . All right . So stickers on apples on the least , um , you know , and I think your solution let's make them edible . Yes , I think that's a viable option . It is . I've had things before that edible , You know , they're not right , you know , and deserts in fancy restaurants . But I think the apple orange . Um okay , we open that you donate the skin of the K referred the pineapple people they could do without them . Absolutely . Um , strawberry people . So it look , guys were in it . Global community that takes waste and re usable results is very seriously . So we need to work on these . I agree . I think that needs to be something that what we could probably just scrap on costing altogether and just get into this arena . Now , while you talk about the next thing , I'm just going to look out on Google edible undies . Okay . All right . So stocks just googling as we speak , and this goes to show what sort of cutting edge ? Um , journalism actually happens . He That's not gorillas . I might be out of answer our questions . Don't you think ? I think he can . Well , okay , on the least . We've got night is and naive is that , uh , noisy And she But I think stocks found something . I have Bondar a edible underway desert like no other . Lick your way to this sweet spot and indulge in the night of naughty , tasty fun disgrace . Billing in post Price , Mitch Guarantee . Same dye Dispatch . There's also love , honey . Oh , um the sensational in the bedroom Like I . So I like the fact that it's discreet mailing , but there's different titles for men and women . Women is a gummy panties and men the edible undies . You get a chocolate throne . Oh , no , But naturally , yeah , that's wrong . I can get a downy song and Brian and it's only full Chain 99 Can t j string okay ? Yeah . So it's still out there . So it wasn't just something in the eighties like hop occultation . It's that has been and gone . It's something that he's having shining edible underwears . No , I don't think so . I'm just telling a story from my childhood . Okay , that's it . Look in three . Honest if you want a way edible undies , that's great . And we all know that once it's knock ways edible , claim is that's what she's pushing for now that would be like a big male . Actually , people would like those that could be a family male . A point of

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