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We talk about an insurer . Yes , we're going to talk about the behaviors of people on Facebook and the things that they do that drive us crazy . It's about where you're going to be talking about being hungry , but there's nothing in the bloody fridge . I'm gonna be talking about high waisted pants and the fact that day for give us all these promises and they never come through with the goods outrageous .

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Hello . Hello . Welcome . Welcome , Welcome .Today we are jam packed . We have got a big , fat , juicy list . Okay , we're gonna talk about an insurer . Yes , we're going to talk about the behaviors of people on Facebook and the things that they do that drive us crazy .

It's about where you're going to be talking about being hungry , but there's nothing in the bloody fridge .

I'm gonna be talking about high waisted pants and the fact that day for give us all these promises and they never come through with the goods outrageous .

And we're gonna be talking about the challenges of finding some way suitable to glam , not care , but glam or and on a serious note , we're gonna be talking about a very topical and current issue around drink spiking . Oh , and the frustrations off daylight savings . Yes , a lot of people are very annoyed about that shit . Throws you out completely . \

So that's a list . It's big . It's China almost . And thank you for participating and letting us know your woes on our Facebook page . We're also on instagram and Twitter it now . Could that be dangerous ? Big on Twitter ? No , I think it's good because it does make you , I guess , communicating a more concise way , but very pointed way . Yes .Sometimes Twitter is a swamp . But then other times it's amazing . So I'm kind of 50 50 . But let's see . I need to be more on topic . You know , about those will problems , because that's what we're all that . But at the moment are Justin on these ? Jeffrey Epstein . Prince Andrew Loop . Yes , I see. So I promise to be more relevant .

Okay , well , let's get to the list. Yeah , look , you had an appalling experience , didn't you ? Yet ?

I have a life insurance policy that I claimed on , um , 10 years ago , 11 years ago . Now and then in 2017 they just put this random $21,000 into my account . Now , I'm not complaining about the fact that they put the money in my account , but they don't have paid May for 10 years , right ? Okay , So what happened then ? Waas ? They didn't let me know about these.I had to pay an extra five grand in contexts . What yet ? And then this is why I got the robo did it .

Can you believe it ? I was wondering because when you got that moment , it was like something is wrong here . So that's another five grand . Now , I'm not looking at the 21,000 So the 11 grand I got that was bright , but I've lost a lot of it in can see phase dealing with the insurer .

Now this insurer Sucks lemons . Yet I I can imagine the face now they have given mates they called II Australia . They've given me so much stress over the years that I have bean claiming with , um now it's so bad that I've had to get an insurance expert in . I paid him four grand a year to jail with these losers .

So we're now going to like that new tribunal to see if I can be in the same state I would have been had they not just lumped in my account . Yeah , now they appoint used their responsibility , stops the moment they give you the money.

That's what they're claiming . Yes , they also claiming . So I would call myself , Um , snark has evolved . She finds offensive . Oh Look , guys , I'm sorry .It's just had what happens on weekends where we live , isn't it ? When you live by a beautiful beach in the ocean , you're bound to have people who just want to come past . Plus , you're renowned throughout the land , so you probably finding with the tour bus of tourists going Look , this not South mostly is in the front . They're looking for you papparazzi .

So this guy from AIA has never met me wrote to the  regulator that my complaint is frivolous , vexatious , misconceived and lacking in substance . I'll tell you what , if he wants to say vexatious , I'll give him a whole new stage because I'm on my best behavior . Absolutely . And as far as frivolous guys , frivolous . It's a compliment . Robert did as well .Is it borrowed it ? Frivolous year ? Absolutely . Look totally on the least .

Anyway . I stalked the guy, the expert on my behavior and you know , he's been had a school three years . Is that all my chi look on the least on Alisa Absolutely II Australia . But I told you , pay this guy for granted , you two deal . I've had so many things . Like when I lived in Bali , then made me fill out a diary off when I got out and when I went to bid , Um , because they thought I was just having a holiday . Say they make everything so difficult and that's what ensures due yet that's that's like , That's a business model . It's all threats , So I'm spacing I ever did was go through Cole at integrity resolutions . He's amazing . My life is so much better because he just deals with all the craft and he's been trying to get them to come to the party on this , and we probably tried that four times before went to the regulator .Okay , so look , I don't think I'm frivolous . I've never been frivolous by in vexatious . I've never been misconceived . Look maybe I like in substance . I don't think so , But Hell , board a 21 year old now ? Exactly .Absolutely . Do you think he cut and pasted that , or do you think he looked up to the slavers ? Probably a script yet . What about this ? So I I bought me . Okay . Next on the list . We have people on Facebook who are a couple of things .One thing that annoys people on Facebook is people who have a joint account with the Patna . So freezes their Facebook nine might be Bob and Judy Smith . Yeah . Okay . So that can get people really annoyed . One , because you don't know who you're talking to is a Bob or is it Judy ? Whose birthday is it ? Is that Bob's birthday or Judas Birthday ?That does confuse Mae . And the other thing is , if you invite them for coffee , who's gonna turn up is a bob Well , Judy ? Yeah , in that scenario , what happens ? What if I invite them for a weekend ? Away is gonna be Bobby's gonna turn up . Okay . I'm going in .One of our friends from school .She has a joint . You can't . I'm going to ask her and I'll report back yet because they must be some benefit to us . And maybe it's because it's like a family account . You compose pictures of you together . You can have your mutual friends or all of your friends , and it just is lift work . Hey , nice . All right , we'll have to find that out . The next thing on Facebook . These people who post , um , about oh , ask questions which , like a bloody Google , like I'm on these all these visiting Las Vegas page and they are so nice there because they get us all the time . What's the weather like ? OK , which of course , you confined elsewhere , but in infuriates me . But I'm a new member , so I'm behaving myself . So one that really annoyed May was when someone posted and asked what's came out opening out . Like , what was that on a local pie ? It was No , it was just a general , my first hi ,Anyone who lives in this area , Can you tell me what they're opening hours are ? It's like we'll just get on came out page . The only way both those examples are acceptable is if it's an older person and then they not know how to use the Google machine . Yeah , but they would usually sign their name . You have Lorraine at the end of that question , and the other one is people who post about asking questions about serious middle medical conditions like they might posted a picture off the kid who's , I don't know , frothing at the mouth or has their arm broken and he said , a 90 degree angle and they're asking , or what should I do ? Do you think monkey looks seek or do you think I should call the doctor , call an ambulance ? Well , and in the you know , the groups like we have ? I was in one once , but I decided to leave because someone took exception to what I said . Someone had a serious mental health problem and they were on this page wanting help , blah , blah , blah and so pretty seek someone come in and told her to take it cold . Shelagh What ? So I replied , and I said , Um , the best thing is to White to be asked for advice . Don't just offer it your unsolicited advice foe , and then someone's like I've been following you and you are so rude and condescending . What's that about ?Advice , blah blah , blah . So I did not leaving that group . And it's interesting . Another friend One left . The group is well , but it's not the place for people to getting there and offer unsolicited by small price book something this serious is depression . Yeah , absolutely . You know , I mean , she was really , really depressed . And I think , Look , if you moderately depressed that spine , but when it's an emergency , huh ? You don't need random things . Like go sit in the sun . Oh , I didn't think of that year , But you know what ? On the other side , you can do whatever you want . If I spoke , like , go away . Well , microbes . Well , that brings me to my next point If droop spiking outrage . So what happened was this poor girl said a perfectly reasonable request to the owner of a nightclub Rapture nightclub in purse . Now , um , the DNA off there is Representative got back to this goal and what they said Waas . What proof do you have of your drink being spite ? Why would anyone want to spark ? You'll drink . Did you attend a hospital and have your stomach pumped for evidence ? Whoa . Yeah . Uh , is this something you and your friends experience regularly . Would you like a crowd ? Control a toe ? Hold your drink the next time you attend a nightclub that's righteous . Do you think 10 crowd controllers would be able to stop you having your drink spot ? Are you with someone trying to drug you ? Now that is disgusting . Yet like all of those questions , you can perhaps ask questions to try and go , Oh my God , A conflict that's happening . You . Let's figure out how this could have possibly happened like that . First of all , it's like I don't believe you . What proof do you have ? And I don't find you attractive and wait while of drug . Absolutely . That's terrible . So the Internet , the feminists off on one blown up and I've got gin onto it as well . We've all blown up . So this 1000 supporters off a changed our old petition that turn Russian nightclub into a homeless shelter or a woman's refuge . Yes , hell hath no fury . But then someone else passed on a message from Rupture Nightclub from the 24th of August Personals . High black sweatpants acceptable . Tow away . Perhaps she gets back to them if you get stopped at the door . just take them off . I'm sure that will be okay . Make sure you wear a J String . Her response was Oh , my God . Yeah , that's so wrong . So now our actions put online footage of this girl leaving a nightclub in saying she was walking . But as we were discussing different papal metabolize drugs in different wise and strong have different reactions as well . Exactly . So this has just gotten so ugly . Facebook had to stop people giving negative reviews , But you're still allowed to get on the page and add information . So I said it was an animal rescue shelter , but someone else said it was a public toilet . Honestly , this is go on for days and days , but he hasn't responded or Representative hasn't responded other than putting the phony job day . Yeah , And looked the other thing as well is someone is making a legitimate client and straightaway . All they're doing is just ridiculing that person . What would you do that ? Yeah , that's right . Why would you do it ? That happened to me once . Remember the gold ? My pizza kitchen gets brought always there , and they with four of us and three out of four of us throughout and we would seek Someone mentioned it to the guy and he said the same thing . Do you have evidence Way ? A part of the hunter Healthy Eights program ? Ra Ra . So you know what ? I was like , stuff you and already it's false . Yeah . And then he had to ring back . The boss was really apologetic . I was just like , man , we was seek . And then another friend of mine had got sick on chicken there , too . So what does that tell you ? But like , Okay , what evidence ? What you gonna do ? Really ? Exactly What ? So people want to change the name of ruptured him , right ? Right ? Yeah . Yeah . And it's getting completely . It's on , like a mainstream news as well . So it's actually , like , jumped the shock in terms of going from a Faisal outright . So what do you What do you predict gonna happen ? As in what do you predict that these go ? I from Russia is going to do well , I don't know what he will do , but I know people are complaining to the It's in Western Australia , the licensing little licensing board . So I'm just going through now . There've been a few complaints about thes and the thing about direction . Not club ese . That particular not They didn't say any security on the door of my eventually being there . Yeah , but nothing was reported as being saying so . Yes . Now it's going off in America . Denmark . Isn't that Randall ? Wow . Okay . And there's all these advocacy groups behind it , all right ? As well . A parent . Yeah . Apparently it's unconfirmed . Someone in a wheelchair . I don't know if this is true . Alleged alleged waas , um , kicked out of the venue . Uh , like I said , it's all coming out . Yeah . You know what they want to do ? If you're in Perth , contact the Department of racing , gaming and liquor by phone and the phone online contact form file a complaint . That's all There . It's a person called Jessica Williams . If you want to search and you want to complain wishing complaint , we that's a whole new area is absolutely . Do you like a written complaints ? My two . I do . But the insurer who said that your complaints were vexatious ? Here we go . Unless they're vexatious and don't bother , we'll be back face . Now there's one thing I know I don't know a lot about many things , But I do know about defamation law . And he didn't find me that insurance guy . Yeah , totaling up , trying to summarize you up . Get your character and I am vexation ality . I would meet that , but I'm not raised . No , absolutely . Yeah , but that drinks parking thing like it's faras that pool go gars and how many others have not spoken up a swell . So if someone speaks up and says how this happened to May , then immediately you get fired with , like , these responses like , Oh , you're too ugly to be spiked or prove it or , you know And it's just like why ? And then all of a sudden it becomes on social media and stuff . And that's what people are afraid to speak up and speak out about things like Exactly . And , um , news of this persons called it a social and moral contestant , for I think that's a bit . Maybe it's a moral contest , afraid , but it's not a social catastrophe . It's right to Denmark , Scotland Island , Cambodia , the U . S . And County . I'll have to send it to my intonation , friends and company . Oh , yes , Our friend phobe lives in popular guinea , so there's gonna be a protest . Apparently , that's good . Yeah , you don't want to piece the women off on social , made it and it's known cold full . I think it's completely justified . I do , too . And if we were in Perth with what we owe our kitchen , and I would absolutely Oh , look at this . The main . Oh , there we go . So there's a Mame off a photograph of a drink , and it's titled Big Night . It ruptured , and there's a picture of a hand dropping appeal into a drink . Perfect . First of January . So put that on the page so you guys can look at it . There's also information . They're already Jenny's outrage . Okay , so drink . Sparky said . That is a massive , yet on the least . So that's your big thing . This episode yet these criminals Yeah , absolutely . All right . Moving on to something that's , I guess , not quite as outrageous . These hungry feeling Stobbe . And then you do . I'm gonna look in the fridge . There's nothing there . I'm gonna look in the cupboard . There's nothing there said that's on the least , a cz Well , well , I think I put it there . Yeah , it's because I've been a bit too lazy to like , Oh , I've been got doing shots . Bit like they're half asked . Okay , So you've either just then buying a couple of things of the dinner that No , you're not thinking about your future . That's what is that , like a financial player ? Well , this is it . It's the future . If you feel you need to predict . And this is something that I do in our shop , I think I can What am I gonna bail on Thursday ? What's happening ? How likely is it gonna be that I'm gonna need something , you know ? And then I'll go pre int the way that's gonna come up , and I'll buy for that . To be honest , I have been trying to buy healthy stuff , so I have been constantly disappointed . When I go up and look in the fruit , there's nothing but ingredients . Were healthy food . There's nothing to smack on . Although I have homeless coming out , my ese in my fridge is buying a bucket . No . Have you seen the bucket here ? We started with ? That's Yeah . Okay . So , Michele , I think has bought the bucket of Hamas . Is it ? A leader did call Mr Thomas , is it ? It is for missing latest or visiting grants . What's it coming ? It's a liquid , isn't it ? Well , I don't know . We'll have to have a little later of homeless . So I've got homeless , but no crackers . You know , like some carrots . Well , I did have a carrot , but it's all shriveled up . What would you call that ? And no delivery mitt . Methods operated fail ? Yeah , I don't know . Okay , well , that's fair enough . And I think that warrants being on the least , Calvary , but nothing in the fridge . All covered on the loose on the list . Okay , Now , this is one that's on the least . You know , I love a high waisted pain . Yes . Yes , you do . We're both D'oh underwear , heisted stockings , leggings . Hard Y said James , how wasted , You know , And then I guess this phase of my law office Well , I can't do zips because things it zipped in them like my stomach hostess . I think my visit My stomach . Um what was that movie where he zipped ? His pain is and that was been So was it something about Mary ? Yes . Ouch . Yes . So I've you visit me guts , So I tend to just go for something high waisted elastic , something that looks like James , but really , it's not immoral like Jeggings , but not what is twice is leading . But anyway , I've got went out and bought a whole heap of new high waisted stuff because I've put on another side someone it tested by go and buy new clothes and when they probably have my neck any close , then I'm so disappointed because I've got these high waisted pants that but clearly look for something high . But all they do is manage to roll down under my gut . That is the animal . I had that experience , where in these stockings one stone , Metallica's and I was running to get a train and I swear there were nearly there . Must have been too small went down so Father will almost passed my hips here . Look , I know I'm just so disappointed , so I guess I'm a bit of a dilemma . I don't know whether it's actually the pants or whether the stomach No , it's the pants . I thank you for that on the least ahead and definitely on the least . Now on the least is well , is not being able to find some way suitable for glamping . I think I'm put that on his Well , you know , your glam pop . Well , I'm certainly not a camp out , but I've got a 13 year old and someone said , I'll take it camping So she would like to glance and I thought she could bring a friend . So what's glad ? P . It's faint . Haven't you been landing ? I've been camping , but I'm not sure whether it's glamping . I don't know . With the lines there be blurry out . Like , what's the difference that combines camping but with interior design . Oh , okay . So , like a nice throw yet cushion , perhaps a nicely placed coffee table or a vile to the flour in it . An ottoman and awesome in like a All right . And then the body she's already set up when you there . And then there's another , like , really well designed atal area . We can sit on a hay bale . Okay , so but obviously something that has , like , a caution on the together , like you wouldn't just sit down on Ah , highbrow like some any of you know what year totaling . All right . Well , like , I haven't been glamping off . Just been camping . So tell me about glamping and well , this is really auctions that you can glamping your backyard , which will be good for kids . Sleep over it all . They have a proper bed . That's the main thing . Okay , so , you know , on the floor now or in a swag ? No . Okay . And , um , so you have that , and , um , it's really generally really fancy . So canvas , tents , um , candles everywhere and lanterns everywhere . Okay . I think you can get a food hamper . It's sort of instagram version of Yes . Yes . Okay , I gotcha . And why couldn't you find any way suitable ? Wasn't too rough about school holidays . So holidays ? Yes , but there's an entire directory online . Just the glamping . Yeah . Hi . Can you glad with hits ? I'm sure you called . I couldn't take my cat , though . She would hate suits . Or so the cato that is then to go glamping . But don't go during school holidays . Yeah . You and I should let it come into your life from glad central . Actually , the coast it's could be quite good in the Kevin sitting here the ultimate . What do you think ? Well , what don't I think Hale bells will be pretty good at blocking out any sort of sound as well so we can move it in there . But what if birds make noises near There is night . Should have contained with these in there . Uh , lemon , there's no spiders and cockroaches . I'm fine . I can handle any boots . Okay , because I've worked out way in My trauma started . So when we grew up in Liza , go there on magpies and plumbers , but I wasn't too bothered by them , But it was when I went to the Cyclone Tracy Museum in Dublin . Love ha la on holidays here calls these . I took the wrong right turn at this museum . Right as I was walking through there , and there were all these stuffed pray , historic birds , and I would big and they're on their haunches , and I'll never forget that as long as I leave . That really upset ? May . That's no you 26 years , Okay ? A very susceptible ages . And at all . Or what would you call it ? It was just very shocking . And I couldn't get away from the mouth in , like such a rash on the head bakes and there were big and they're only haunches . I'll never forget that . So that's where your fear of birds really cemented . Yeah . Yeah . Okay . That should warn people . Well , yeah , if it's gonna cause that sort of reaction , Perhaps perhaps they might video and say , Look , she walked out fine afterwards . Oh , yeah , Here with wanted . That's impressive . I like that . You like to issue , uh , on the least , though . Well , okay . Something that's on the least for Mae at the moment . And a few other people have expressed these as well is daylight saving . So it just kicked over today like savings . And this is where you turn your clocks forward an hour and effectively . You're losing an hour's way of sleep , and it causes havoc . One ese . Okay , if you've got little kids , the cost is to try and put this light to try and get a six year old boy big when it's still light outside is all sorts of help . Yep . Um , because you know , I remember the same thing when I was a kid . Like they put me to bed when it's still light outside . This is outrageous . It's against the laws of night Shines s so it does take adjustment . It's difficult for people to adjust . You know , I feel like she's in the morning because I feel like I haven't quite got enough Slavia . But not only that is the fact that the time that they doing block , they do it on a settled or not or early hours of Sunday morning . Yeah , so therefore , your Sunday seems a lot shorter . And before you know what , it's Monday , and you better get to work . Unless along with kid . But someone said this is a main that I saw how they do it on a Friday afternoon at about four o'clock in the afternoon and turn your clocks forward five o'clock . Happy hour is who makes those laws . So you said something that cows are gonna love . Thes process of daylight savings . What ? When I went to the mainland Mercury , which is seeming rural , um , there was a guy called Race A weather who was on the castle . But he was also a farmer . So every time a daylight saving came around , we used to go and say human about it because it used to stuff up his cattle so they would be affected yet by the changing times and yeah , what ? I don't know . I have a possible that because they then change the milking times . I don't not possibly . I can't ask my brother in law . He does work on the dairy , but I can't remember his reasons . Is that 20 years ago ? Well , okay , you've convinced May . And also but on the plus side . So I have this wonderful friends Rick Morton , who wrote this amazing 400 years off dust and it is just beautiful . So anyway , he came from Queensland and New South Wales . He could not believe the pleasure that was daylight saving . It was a revelation for here . Like I like the positive outlook you look , all will adjust like many others . What many others before me And what manning out this afternoon we will adjust , but it's just his 1st 2 weeks . Just It's really difficult . We will never , ever be defeated . That's what Winston Churchill voice Yes , and very good . Mr . Churchill , Voice on the wild list on the while is he had a great voice for that . He sure did . But well , better at least for this weight , that is message . We've had some first , we'll problems slug it , for instance , hungry . And there's nothing to eight and glamping glamping and high waisted pants and dialect sightings . We've also had some big issues as well . Look , drinks fucking Okay , so I'm going to keep updating this for you on the snack gorillas . Facebook page . Perfect . Um , there's definitely going to beam , or I saw Yahoo . I think Channel seven's done something here . Okay , so I will update everyone . All right , but on the Facebook page . But don't forget , we're on Twitter . Might be confusing . It is actually May on Twitter just talking about anyway . And then we're on instagram as well . So pop on by and let us know what's on your least . Yeah , And you know , each episode will ask you what's on your chute least , and we love to hear from you . And remember , please don't feel as though you have to just be talking about major problems . We want to hear about small problems as well . Yes , and And the next step aside , we're gonna be talking about stickers on Apple's Outrageous makes me furious . So thanks for listening way . Really appreciate it . Our absolute owner to be in your e . Yeah , being in here whether you're running , walking , yelling at your kids , that's right . Cooking , claiming driving . We're trying to get a slick rage cleaning that's what we do . Yes . So when I started this podcast , someone said to me , What is your audience ? And I said , Rage cleaners . Yeah , I'm on the right cleaner . So , Mom , Patsy , but grisly business love it . All right . Thank you . Bye bye .1Transcribed by Whooshkaa Transcribe

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