You Lived in Bali????

Crazy landlords, smashed bourbon bottles (not by us), dashes to new accommodation, beach clubs, a massage a day, motorbikes & Djasmin, the Indonesian teacher.

Reasons Why We Are Staying In Bali For Another Year!

As quickly as we made the decision to move here, we have also made a rapid and recent decision to stay in Bali for at least another year.

We had planned to go back in October and went as far as finding a house and getting Moo a place in school.

But I was not happy about it. Not at all, but we thought we had to go home because of certain government regulations.

This has proven not to be the case, so we are staying.

There are many, many reasons that make this decision the right one for us. For a start, we have missed winter in Australia and I understand this year has been particularly hideous in the southern states.


I hate magpies and it is fucking magpie season. Mrs H's daughter was attacked by a magpie in Stocko yesterday and got a big gash on her face from the flying assassin. Stocko is bad for magpies and last year I watched in horror as one of the birds attacked Moo. Fuckers! I have hated them ever since I was a kid and was attacked at Church Park on the way home from school. I also hated the plovers near the Berlei Bra factory. As far as I know, Bali does not have fucking magpies, so that is one big plus. The cost of living is much, much lower. I just bought a beer and it cost 16,000 rupiah, about $1.60. Fried rice at the Warung at the front of our house is $1.50 a serve. Petrol is cheap. Food is cheap. Rent is cheap, too. But schooling, not so cheap. More time. Everyone has more time for you here because people are not so busy with work. This means afternoon drinks, Sundays at the beach and coffee dates during the day. I do not have to clean my house. As a part of your rent over here, the cost usually includes a gardener and a pembantu, or a helper. Feel free to hate me, for I hate myself, but not quite as much as a I did when I had to clean my own house. I have found a doctor that I like. I have the same doctor as Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine. That means I am hard core! He is excellent and far better than the pill-dispensing, sportscar-driving wanker I had in Newcastle. My new doctor costs $30.00, whereas the tosser in Hamilton was $275.
We are happy. That's a bloody good reason, don't you think? And there's not near enough happiness these days in my opinion. So dudes, come and stay!

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