You Wanna Know About Notorious Nanna Freda?

The time I bumped into my Nanna Freda in alternate universe.

By request: Five Minutes with Nanna Freda

My adopted grandmother, Freda, is the real star of this blog.

I first wrote about her on Eden Riley's Edenland in 2011 and my sister-in-law, My junior Sibling and Twinkle-Toes Lou read the post and asked for more.

Freda made it to Kayte’s Woogsworld and Nanna is all throughout this blog, as she would like it because she was always the centre of attention.

So I decided it was time to hear more about Nanna Freda straight from the source. I fired up my Lithgow High Ouija board and summoned her down from the bowling green in the sky.

Here is the transcript of the session:

SawHole: Thank you, Nanna Freda, and welcome to The Ladies of Lithgow podcast.

Nanna Freda: Who cares what you think? This caper is nonsense but you've been up yourself ever since you went to university. It is just rubbish. Wake up!

Your name is Lisa Tait and your real name is a perfectly fine name, so use it!

Me: So Nanna, tell us a bit about yourself please?

NF: I was Lisa's adopted grandmother and I married, Bill, in 1940. We had two adopted children because their no-good father, Wilson, ran out on them when my sister died. I ran my own business, volunteered for Quota and led a very active life. We moved to Manly in the late 1970s and my live-in lover Bob had me move to Tuncurry towards the end of my life. I was hairdressing well into my 70s and was hot enough to wear shorts in my 60s.

Me: What do you think of people today?

NF: You are all so fat, especially you, Lisa. Eat more salad and brown bread. Take walks through Manly's Eastern Hill and steal cuttings from gardens.

Also that Prime Minister is a dickhead & what’s wrong with all those girls on the tv with massive butts.

Me: Nanna Freda, what are your specific likes and dislikes?

NF: I like clothes, make up and the company of the opposite sex. I hate fat people, Catholics and Liberal voters.

Me: Any advice for our readers?

NF: Yes, when buying property, purchase waterfront or waterview. Invest in shares and travel often. Do not leave the house without a full face of make-up, wearing an excellent girdle and a good bra.

Me:!Thank you, Nanna Freda, I will let you get back to your shandy now.

NF: Lose some weight or your husband will leave you!!!

RIP Nanna Freda, nursed by Catholics at the end, 1915 to 2004.

Do you have any questions for Nanna?

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