JFK Jr - 20 Years Since Fatal Crash, plus Kennedy Curse

It’s 20 years this month since JFK Jr, his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette died in a place crash on the Atlantic Ocean.

Beverly Hills 90210 - the Walsh Dad is a keyboard-playing Se# Pest

Lisa VanderTait & social commentator, Jen, continue their meander down Beverly Hills 90210 lane as we prepare for the series reboot in August.

This …

Beverly Hills 90210 is Back & We're Laughing with & at the 90s

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Are you obsessed with all things 90s? Lisa VanderTait joins Jen, social commentator, on a wander down Beverly Hills 90210 lane. Lisa reveals a huge fact about Jason Priestley, …

The yoga dominatrix, tai-chi bully & aqua aerobics nightmare

iTunes link: shorturl.at/ovDS5

In the world of exercise, there once were terrible coaches and trainers who aimed to break your spirit. Lisa VanderTait is not amused by this but takes it on …

Bathurst's Terrible Secret

Someone in Bathurst has a big secret. Where is Janine Vaughan? She’s been missing since December 7, 2001 when she got into the passenger seat of a red car on Kepple St.

Bathurst is a town …

Team Sussex Tribute to Meghan & Harry - Ladies of Lithgow

We’ve been covering Baby Sussex since the pregnancy announcement was made in Australia in November.

The Duchess and Lisa VanderTait have been Prince Harry fans since he was a bun in Princess …

Things Are Escalating Keli Lane & Prince William Rumours

Lisa plugs the Wicked True Crime Podcast - Problem Child. Things have gotten crazy with safety and legal threats to the podcaster.

Plus Lisa discusses the Turnip Toff …

Ladies of Lithgow - The Duchess returns, her birthday, mindfulness our way & election pranks

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Are you over birthdays? Well it’s happy birthday to the Duchess Of Eskbank! But is she happy about turning um 35?

Living in Bali & You Vote - Feral Lisa or Socially-Acceptable Lisa

Hello to you! welcome to the Ladies of Lithgow.

I am Lisa VanderTait and I have exciting news - my cohost will be back very very soon. We are going to record on Thursday at my house and she …

Helicopter Parenting, Bribes for College, Cults & Metoo - Ladies of Lithgow

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Nightmare week? Grab a cuppa & comfy chair, it’s time for us, The Ladies of Lithgow.

Welcome to our special guest, Jen. Lisa’s former workmate …

Ladies of Lithgow - Cash for College - Helicopter Parenting/Bribes 101

Lisa VanderTait asks: Have you heard about the wealthy parents in the US bribing to get their kids into fancy …

The Ladies Of Lithgow - Lithgow Visit

Want the dirt on what’s happening in Lithgow? Or laugh at two high school friends being silly?

The heavens open as the First Lady of Lithgow returns …

Has Lisa done a Ginger Spice? Ladies of Lithgow

Is the Ladies of Lithgow all over? Has Lisa done a Ginger Spice and left the building? Why can’t she prounce Harvey Norman? Where’s Eskbank? Why is Lisa yelling about yelling? Does she have …

Ladies of Lithgow Minisode with guest host Janie

Need a laugh? Well listen to these two old gals talk about Australian sport. Yes, sport!

Janie is back by popular demand due to her stories from her …

Fashion Fans with Guns & Bison. Valentine's. The Ladies of Lithgow

The Ladies of Lithgow podcast delves into romance in the Blue Mountains. It’s almost St Valentine’s Day. Can we help you with the day of lovers? The Duchess of Eskbank also reminisces about …

Royals (again), cats with godparents The Ladies of Lithgow

Do you want home security advice? Don’t ask Lisa because she’s been involved another incident while pet sitting.

The Duchess of Eskbank admits she's …

Ladies of Lithgow Minisode - Dog Park Politics - with guest host Janie

Do you want the dirt on Sydney’s dogparks?

We welcome guest host of this very special minisode of the The Ladies of Lithgow, Janie, who has been friends with VanderTait since 1993.

The two …

Xmas cakes, Lithgow drama & Ghosts (agaIn) The Ladies of Lithgow

What would you go to prison for? Let’s ponder this question.

The Duchess of Eskbank confesses to a crime, Lisa Van Der Tait describes her near-death …

Royals. Royals. Royals. And ghosts. The Ladies of Lithgow

Well it’s our first ever episode! Yay!

Lisa Van Der Tait and The Duchess of Eskbank discuss Prince Harry, Meghan and The Royal Family,

And what about …

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