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Are you obsessed with all things 90s? Lisa VanderTait joins Jen, social commentator, on a wander down Beverly Hills 90210 lane. Lisa reveals a huge fact about Jason Priestley, who played Brandon Walsh in the show. It involves capatin creep Harvey Weinstein.

They discuss the mess that is Brandon on the show and his interactions with his twin Brenda, his keyboard-playing Dad & news editor Andrea Zuckerman. Lisa is glad she didn’t marry know-it-all Brandon.

Jen had not seen 90210 before, so she did a deep dive. That’s commitment. And she took all the notes. Lisa also admits she had an entanglement with a Brandon-type in the 90s.

She also agreed to do a part two review of Beverly Hills 90210! This one is about Jim Walsh, s@x pest and Casio keyboard player.

The new series with the original cast airs August 7 in the USA.

RIP Luke Perry. You illuminated this show.

This is part one of two. We may do more. Let us know here: Ladies of Lithgow Please review is on iTunes!

no wonder Lisa has anxiety!

Plus here’s the definitive podcast guide to 90210 and Melrose Place, And Now With This.

We tried our best with the vintage clips of Brandon in a spa & justifying cheating. They are from vintage 90s footage. So they might be a tad scratchy. Sorry.

Sound by Joel North in Canada.

Show notes: Hello and welcome to the Ladies of Lithgow podcast I'm Lisa VanderTait and we have a very special addition today with our social affairs correspondent, Jen.

Jen welcome back.

It is good to be here good to be here.

Now what do you think we should talk about today Beverly Hills 90210, the vintage years?

I missed it the first go around because of working nightshift and now I realise I missed a huge part of social culture of the 90s.

Well that's what I thought. It would be really interesting to talk to you about it because you’ve never seen it before, unlike myself, who I think it was a pretty dedicated watcher, until I went to university.

And we only had one TV for four dorms well.

Plus I noticed that our Legend, yes he knows stuff about 90210.

He must've been an avid watcher, he's got very strong opinions about it.

The show is now coming back!

In America, six episodes, will air, the first one on August 7, so it's the old crew back minus Luke.

Rest in peace Luke Perry.

They even got Brenda and do you know she was like let go because of bad behaviour no one could work with her.

She was running amok offset, yeah being rude and entitled and she has that sort of snob or some other crap and thought she's a bit of someone.

Yes, so she only lasted two seasons.

But here's the surprise I've been promising on Facebook. This is the best thing ever - so one of the characters is Brandon Walsh And he is played by a very fine looking man by the name of Jason Priestly.

And guess what he did in 1996, Jen?

No idea!

He punched Harvey Weinstein in the head, so he is the best!

Jason is actually a decent bloke compare to that filthy character he plays on 90210.

Yes that's right and we gonna get into that yes. Seriously he told Jason to get out of a party, so he was waiting to leave and then Weinstein said why are you leaving.

Harvey got really aggro with him and started pushing him so he just banged him one.

So it was obvious that he knew what was doing was about it.

Sounds like everybody but nobody called him out and he just decide to take a shot.

Seriously, Jason needs some sort of medal.

In America they have the Presidents medal of freedom.

He deserves that possibly and me to award yeah.

So apparently after that security booted him out and he didn't even bring it to everyone's attention, someone else did.

He doesn't brag, no he doesn't.

He is a good vessel he's a good man quite cute, I can see the attraction.

As I said, I didn't watch it then but between him and Dylan.

I liked Dylan McKay, definitely eye candy. Yes absolutely in that like a rebel without a cause way.

The James Dean or the black Porsche, well the black Porsche, that's right I like a good car.

It’s a vintage one, isn't it?

Yet so he's pretty amazing but I was always team Brandon.

I found Brandon to be a swot he's a nerdy opinionated a******e but it would be interesting to see but I watched it in my teens or 20s like you did.

Would I have the same opinion or would I think he was absolutely wonderful and the perfect gentleman?

And at my age viewing he is a prick absolutely and we as women expectations have changed a lot since 1990.

When it first started airing right yes and and are the first bit of feminist literature I read with the beauty myth.

That’s as far as I got right.

So now we look at it and we can see his control issues don't worry guys we are gonna have fun with this as well.

And we do recognise that Jason Presley is if I'm saying is that I'm correctly is the best , so he is the actor he is not Brandon.

And we would confuse with Brandon, who is filthy in a character or personality onto the actor.

Did you know Legend hated him from the start? So insightful.

Was it because of the way he acted towards women or was it because Legend sensed competition?

No,Legend thought he was know it all, yeah yeah and a bit boring so Legend is well and I couple of decades ahead of us.

Yet if he did tell me I probably would've had an argument if he walked up to me in year 11.

And I was in year 11, so I was the same ages the alleged characters.

Now do you want to get into that for a second?

But that's pretty funny isn't it?

Yeah because I was just sitting here going so how old is he now Shannon when she started how old is Jason it's like.

When the reboot she looks like she has an aged plastic surgery no I just think that's hurt her but how much plastic surgery is Tori had in the rest of God love it I think Tories actually like quite a good comedic actress she does dates well yes but I'm not sure whether that's her or not yeah well least she's had like several reality shows that's true arm but we're gonna focus on Brandon today because he is diabolical he's evil and influence so many young male watches except for Legend of course cause he smart like him and said that's probably why we dealing with the misogynistic pricks in a workplace and neither in the general community because of watch for Brandon thought he was cool on the way to work okay Sense because in 1994 I made a romantic decision with the Brandon Walsh but I didn't know he was at Brandon until the end but that's always the way isn't it but we learnt around the steaks and we become the grapes I wish that didn't happen but then you would've been who you are now without having met with a woman to brainwash we have been used to think it was like engaging that's what I thought and then we grow the f**k up yeah so they use arguing and they pick the girl that will go for the pretend arguing and yeah I don't like him I just don't like it no well no wonder with his father the sex pest yes and he's got it all hairy back and shoulders I noticed that when you know dad Jim the account was playing basketball one on one It's real name I couldn't remember I just looked it up and mum Cindy so when they having the sex talk when I'm Brandons old girlfriend from Minneapolis came to stay in his room he got there and dads like oh no it's alright because you know Brandon was a boy yet bro the double standard but when they actually talked about it was like oh yeah it's alright dad we were safe dad just that was the end of any slap him around the shoulders and then mates but in that scene yep gym here shoulders hairy shoulders and neck and back not a good book no you wouldn't say that these days in the first step and possibly the second which for the pilot slightly different to the rest of the series brand is actually pointy a chest hair and he goes yes I've got Two and I just spa okay now I need a pet play clip for you guys and soon I'll set the scene okay there's this standoffish girl at school that Brandon decides he's going to go after save souls say sorry because you know she was her party and she was away from everybody else and you know he because she just didn't like this and her parents expected her to be popular and everyone expected her to be popular I thought she was and thought everybody loved it and she just feel so lonely he decided to say yes but he went on a date with her and she had a motorbike I was dads dads motorbike so he ends up in the spa with her now are they drinking champagne yes yes right but he's not meant to drink That's an inconsistency remember what's the drinking age 21 yeah but remember he's really antidrinking yes so there in the spa okay now I'm just gonna play the clip now you listen to that guys all my God he's a regional s**t shame up big time big time didn't you tell did your mum tell you to play hard to get where what yeah he is but it's alright for him to be half naked in the spa with her drinking champagne knowing where is possibly going to go and then and then he's like I'll come over here and she said no and he doesn't like a taste of his own medicine and then she pointed out how to get that is so disturbing because the message is the rules dating book that was in the 90s and like you have to men like to pursue and they're like Animal seeking out pray that straight out of the rules yet but it's telling us how to be again yeah and that should keep him as a 16-year-old in a spa drinking champagne any decent boy would probably want to read it yet he's like oh no no he's playing so cool and like he wanted to control her arm Mr 1994 and again that those guys do that what was in a prescription isn't it so I wonder if arm it was written that way because of you know how they write the programs were they trying to get a PG or an a.m. possibly and try and show a little bit pricey so people tune in again next Yeah and that boosted it so Siri season two was huge compare to season one or season once long enough isn't it 20 episodes looking through when I was much do I have to watch it is quite daunting actually I think I've sent about okay eight episodes and I've listen to this amazing podcast and I'm gonna give them a shout out because these people are doing God's work and basically what they are doing is reviewing every single episode and of 90210 in Melrose Place have you watch no worries no okay it's my next one the podcast look it up it's cold again with this Melrose Place in Beverly Hills 90210 now you know what they said apparently 98210 start at the whole light show review phenomena on back then really interesting We wouldn't of had it in Australia no I only had 2TV stations and I think and you wouldn't of had YouTube with the reaction channel swear people yeah make sense so that's on the first mate I think it's one of the most disturbing know you disagree I think it was very much a moralistic tail I think it was designed to try and push family values and yes aspire they don't be too rich girl should do this go and do that just the morals and the thumping of boys can do these girls can't do that and it's the seat in the way the parents react to the twins boy twin get away with that girl twin know you can't see that boy and To gym dad when he's got carrying on about her seeing Dylan because Dylan's got a hearing she has all you didn't say thing to Brendan exactly you just wanted to know if you had safe sex unit the double standards are ridiculous now can we talk about safe sex remember it was in the 90s where sex could kill you we were the bowling ball generation we were I'm also going to insert a bit of that adding here just to scare everyone arm yeah I wonder I talk to my hair dresser about this last night how did anyone have sex in the 90s with that fear that was put into us when we were young young I went to public school you didn't we put condoms on bananas what did you do it we did that I was had a fantastic PA would come into our classroom once a fortnight Whatever it was your health or whatever and he didn't care he would make sure each desk got a couple condoms and we expect to put them in our bags I'll get imagine the parents whingeing these days about that probably go nuts but as he said to us you're the top class you're smart you probably got decent parents I don't want you and your parents crying in my office if something goes wrong when we can avoid that what else do you want to know about die friends and girls about this he took all of that out of it and he didn't talk about death all the bad consequences he talked about sex and good consequences which meant you had to use protection well let's face it arm the bedside had been drummed into us by the Grim Reaper big time and now you are saying and I said to you is a really put good public health campaigns and I think it comes down to the fact Bob Hawke was prime minister and he didn't want us on the shagging strike he liked a good shag I think that has played out with Hazel and Watson at Blanche yeah neither once we know of rest in peace Hawkey you are a legend and I'm not being rude but he would not have wanted young kids like us dying from a no he was the guy you help your record EB sculling happens I have to be selling sex it yeah exactly so what hairdresser said is she thinks that campaign has bread a generation of Chermside's year I can see that you're talking to my GP she was giggling the other day and I said to you I've gotta go to the nursing home and I said what's funny about that she said I have to give a sexy chat chat And I watch the comedian is right in the nursing homes and I got to talk to them that protection and I went oh jeez Louise and I said and she said well no because they were all older and committed marriage relationships it didn't affect them they were worried about the children now the bridge the age where partners have gone and it hopping in the nursing homes they haven't thought about chlamydia and she had to go and talk to this nursing home because this reminds me of something and we will get back to Brandon I saw this show about doffing do you know what door thing is is the thing that happens in Where is it in that age group and I just couldn't believe it and I work with a couple of English girls and I turned up at work I went what is this stopping thing and very common they told me and they said yes there are problems I think because they can't get pregnant they don't need protection well this is what my GP was saying that they just missed the whole you know when the items in the bowling ball they were telling the kids you know yeah I don't have sex don't get a girl pregnant yeah you know otherwise you'll get a state forgotten that there was other things that you can catch from sex and babies do you remember a condom vending machines yeah I haven't seen them lately have you and I remember I gave my brother a condom my brothers a couple of years younger than me and my mum rang me up at work fretting and left his wallet in his back pocket so she went through it with a condom and rainier in distress oh my god I think your little I was having sex but I gave it to him how dare you mum he's 15 some of his mates are 16 my brother is now Legend because he's got a condom out of date tell me and I'll drop another one off Emmas bit horrified but understood I said it's not for him it's the whole peer pressure in the thing around six at 1516+ one of his mates might need a condom at least my brother is carrying one he's prepared hope he doesn't have to use one for awhile you probably didn't use very tiny ding great to lose all the better well did you know Bridget Jones got pregnant because she is an out of date arm dolphin condom really want to have them one with Mark Darcy in line with that other dating entreprenerd Right so I sent you the other day Brendan is insufferable because of the way he spoke to his teacher at the peachpit this is when he does all the GBS stuff not Brenda he cheated on that history exam she got busted 100 was talking to him about it he turned around he was the victim and that she should be supporting him through this problem we have a clip of that and it's known as in the game man splining all and gas line and gas line yep here we go guys alright what do you think that everyone it's Tait I thought that was absolutely disturbing and arm man Splane for those of you who don't know what it is it happened to me the other day didn't chance I had someone trying to lecture me about something that I know I bit about and it's only the confidence that a white male can have it's always white men yeah arm and due to the Internet and usually Americans as well this was a Canadian North American am I recently had a fight with a guy who told me that no woman would use a short nickname that sound like a mail and I might just because it doesn't happen where you do doesn't mean the rest of the world is no support it out I know the northern lights exist I've never seen them but I'm not gonna scream and shout they don't exist because I don't see them and he was like oh no woman called herself bill think that's a good example perfect example and it's that out of confidence but Brandon so arrogant and he's always yelling at everyone he gets Snoddy I've been taking notes as I've been watching meet episodes as you do take me seriously Hours of Brandon cheating and Andrea going him Tossa w***er cheating and tries to turn victim and then straight up under this in So it's very important Dylan is hot by the way so yes that's when you sent me a message going I finally worked out the appeal of this show and it's Dylan Dylan Dylan is the one who is woke his Waikiki get said he's had a he might be the poor rich kid you know left alone in the whole what was it the hotel the hotel the Bellagio whatever arm and having other adults who shouldn't have to parenting parenting him or he just hugged my heartstrings he be a pain in the arse to try and catch a store yeah he's always on you as Brenda find out later but he sweetie the James doing a power where Brandon who looks like he's got it all together is a nasty piece of work Yep he's messy his messy he when he gets caught doing something wrong he becomes the victim and when he gets caught the drinking and the car crashing and the DY in the jail he turns it into a ball you translated my parents it's the peer pressure here that he made a bad choice and he was very much antidrinking and play that he was too cool for school and I don't need to drink you know any budget his mates will you stand around looking at the party sneering being superior and then he decides to drink it and he's taking shop drink cocktails I know mango margarita I'll On the lake and we will have boats so we are going to the homework room use the electric typewriter to take the year off and change it for an old one and that was our ID and because of no one in town all the bottle shops questioned why I was using a boat license and so will always buying like to introduce you to myself Kylie Helen anthers I was born on 30 October so your Starsign was a Scorpio possum because I used to always look at it and then ask your Starsign to make sure they did someone else's 1973 so dad bless you did thank you for loaning me your birth certificate and ways to get the neighbours in Melbourne can't when you enroll to boat and then you borrow the library card to go out and that's the kind of stuff all kids do but I am Brandon there's one particular Saying it's so disturbing when they have a party he arm like sideswipes a try like a four-wheel-drive and arm he ends up in jail overnight arm and his parents have to come back from palm springs that's a whole Nother story but I will get into that because it's hilarious maybe we need to do a part two part two will be there yet that okay so arm he is in jail overnight his parents hug him that's the first thing they do maybe a good hug but then I would have the b***h face on and I would be saying very little but it would be sharp what would you do I will going for the hug then have my hands on their shoulders and I would hope I had fingernails and I would squeeze and go wait to you get home and voice because the lower Voice b******t they know exactly Lisa and Jens parenting advice is if your child is ever in jail we hope not that's what you do that's what you do you don't give them a hug and a talk and ask them about their feelings but they eventually get home and bring it didn't really go to this party she's hanging out with Dylan she was hanging out with Dylan she was freaking about the alcohol she and when they should realise that he got up to get more she was like and Dylan and have a talk about how to get everybody out and going to Dillans gates alright I'll help you empty the place so she was being responsible responsible it was as if the roles have been reversed but if her parents eyes she's always the bad one brand is the good one but her true character came out in this episode so she's at home cleaning and scrubbing when they walk in and she just looks so scared and worried and they will change the way I like it was her because they said it was Her because she had a bit of alcohol on her breath that a couple of nights before yeah it was all her fault where is our in there accusing her of drinking and it's just that double standard you know boys can get drunk and drive their cars and ran into other cars and go to jail that's fine his boys will be boys but girls how dare you imagine what would happen to her and if she done the same thing I should be sent to boarding school yeah they go back to Minnesota are off arm and the parents were away in palm springs went they said we will get to that because I think there's a whole episode on Jim Jim Jim see when I saw Jim other than the queue until the basketball incidents and the whole hairy chest and shoulders But he looks like the 90s version of Don Draper except the women wanted yes I don't think the women other than Cindy his wife she's only one who wants him in except for when she wants photographers and that's another story arm I don't think he's that hot looking but he seems to think his keyboard it's the unlock we have to get next episode but we gonna talk about the keyboard notes so you think Dylan is absolutely hot oh yeah yeah not my type normally but he's got that vulnerability yeah but I really think it's a black Porsche and the at my young cohost the Duchess she was team in Saint Luke you get confused vessel in the character Luke Perry but she was always team Dylan but I wanted to marry Brendan Brendan Walsh when I was 16 I'm so glad I didn't because we're both sanctimonious and it would just be you are funny he thinks he's funny and he doesn't know he's in love with Andrea that is so bloody obvious the way those to church there interactions and she's really admitted it in the it's not a sleepover episode with the girls in the skeletons and that she loves him know no one runs off to branded to say Andrew is in love with you is it all those girls do you want an a******e Brandon was yeah remember when he got drunk at the party and he just laid one on her just rich didn't snob her and she was like wow

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