First World Problems From The Snarkarella Epstein News Bunker

37 minutes

Do you feel you’re not being heard? Are your knickers in a knot? This is the podcast for you!
Why are the Snarkarellas not getting enough sleep? Why are families falling apart across Australia? What’s wrong with their scrolling fingers?
What’s on the list today? Jen tells how Snark and herself are obsessed by the unfolding Jeffrey Epstein case. They talk diets, manflu, not getting work done, erotic fireman videos, horses heads, anxiety & insomnia.
Thanks for filling in for Rella, Jen!
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First World Problems From The Snarkarella Bunker
his modern life making you rage Clean the kitchen . Asked the snack umbrellas for advice . There the Cinderellas of snark . Hello and welcome to snack gorillas . Do you feel like you're not being heard ? Do you feel something ? Is getting your knickers in a twist , or is someone really pissing you off ? Well , this is the podcast for you . High on snark . And today we have L . A friend of our podcast , Jin , who is replacing my co host while she does a few missions for us that they're in compliance world . Hello , Jen . Hello . How are you ? I'm good , Thanks . What's getting your goat ? Oh , everything . Everything at the moment , but abstain . Oh , kiss . We should be talking from a bunker . Were obsessed by Jeffrey . Abstain . Now , we're not gonna go into the details , but we're not getting a lot of sleep because we're at one in the morning . Refreshing Twitter . Oh , it's just being brilliant . I've had no sleep for days over this . You know , the family unit is falling apart . There's been a housework as I sit there in the dark . Refreshing on a lot . But we can't miss a thing . Can wait . Oh , no . What ? When We have to share everything immediately . Yet you do . What about a Facebook messenger group dedicated to the latest news and all the theories that are going around about Casey ? Don't know . Jeffrey Epstein was a high profile American figure world figure who waas up on six offenses against children charges , but he's either disappeared or is dead . He's not dead . He's in witness protection . The body they brought out of that job was not him . No , definitely not . He is alive and they're gonna take down some big names . Yes . So that's why we may be a little bit short tempered today . Lack of sleep . It means we react a bit more to general people , provoking us . Oh , I'm just pissed off everywhere because of lack of sleep . Well , I was up at 1:35 a.m. Because I'm a bit eight ships I've got so much on at the moment . And when I'm anxious , I get itchy . Have you ever had that ? No , it's terrible . So I keep scratching my head in the middle of the night , so I think all right , Well , I'll just get on Twitter . Save something's happened , but it's always a dick dive you gotta compete . When you get on to Twitter , you just end up going through pages and links and then following another thread over there and , you know , three hours ago on past . Exactly . And then my daughter , we've had trouble motivating her because apparently she gets sick on Monday mornings . Jin , you're right . So this morning Caroline went off it seven , and it woke me up but didn't like her up . So I've been up 1 35 I am reading the latest on this breaking story . Now Jen and I are externals . We are obsessed by this abstain story , zipper . Where tracing the story , waiting for that day , Throat outsource our secret source to ring us back . And they're not bringing us . And the deadline is coming , and we're getting anxious . And it doesn't matter how much coffee we have . All booze . That phone's not ringing . And we needed to read . Yes , ring . So anyway , we'll get on with it , and we'll talk today about what is on the least from s Knock Gorillas Podcast group . Well , this one is for you , and I are getting work done . There's no happy . None of it's getting worked on that was number one on the least step . Look at this room . We're sitting in there is folding and washing everywhere . And it's not happening . Wait . Hey , Yeah , Yeah . Not happening . So we can totally agree with that . I might have a social media break . I think at some point do you trod that bit ? It's an addiction . Was it shaped like when you tried ? It was awful on . I'll get , you know , the tremors . Like I've got data days . You know , it's just you need reaching for that phone that isn't there . You have to lock them away . Otherwise , it's just automatic . Yeah , okay . I've never had a social media break , so it sounds It could be a bit stressful . I tried . Once I go well , that's once more than I have . Which brings us to number two kids . Well , there's a piece of a boss of Goa is if you don't like kids , turn off the WiFi . We think three weeks they move out . It's tried and tested . We did it here with the oldest . It works well . I was thinking of Harding the modem last night . Just change the passwords . Allow devices in this house a password protected and I have the past with the kids . Don't know what that is . A great solution , but because I'm so tired , I didn't think of it . We'll see . We could hate you . See , Trolleys is going on . We've gotta keeping you know and who thinks that he belongs in the world of tanks or something . And if you can get away with it , he played all day long . So is this a game ? Yes . Some weird guy . OK , so cross to tell Mi Teoh part of his history studies because they driving Russian time surround not fully know until you 12 . But I think you get to Russia until you're 11 or 12 . No . Okay . Instagram celebrities . It came in at number three . I haven't been on Instagram months much lightly because I've been on Twitter . Yeah , I've dropped off Instagram because of the amount of time tutor and Facebook is taking up . No , it's really pissed me off on instagram lively . No saying he I do not know what's going on but Gino the Snow guerrillas The Cinderellas of snack We are on insta I really Yes . Oh , I follow us awfully , but okay . Sickness . I was sick last week . I can't remember why , but it just was made me grumpy . Any sickness in your Oh , it's so my next playing up the But then I just swear a lot and take it out on the family . So called brother will . Well , when she told me about that , I was , like , all the better go slaughtered your pain . That'll be good for these podcasts . That's sarcasm . Me Shopping ? Yeah . So we have zero tolerance for stuff . Okay , So last week , actually , I think I was thinking of sinus cause my husband's head like sinus for about a month . Has it developed into man flu ? He's not really a man , Flu . Uh oh . You lucky pity on the mid flu . Uh uh . No , my husband gets a man goes to bed and all my gosh , the world is going to collect . Do you have to ? Does he want , like , sheikhoun broth for five day old chickens that face north and were plucked of their feathers and then by virgins yet ? Yeah , that type of setup . Yeah . Okay . Well , that's good for him . Or does he just generally wanted complain ? No . He takes to bid . At least he goes into his room and I could get on with what I want to do . But it means he's not here to Do you know the garbage put out on things like that ? Stop it . The only reason I keep a mile around really and wrangle children well , he's the maternal one , not May . So yes . So , um , my daughters . So I've decided my fatness is now at a record level . So I've got the food diary . You know , that one from my fitness or whatever it's called on my fitness . Peller . Yes , I hate that thing . I don't eat much because I don't expend too much energy , you know , Nick , injury , spinal issues . So I started Loki yet everything . I because I gave up true short coke like , Yes , I know I was probably having three day's worth of calories in my Coke yet addiction per day . So I cut that out and I was looking my food , and it wouldn't let me complete the diary each day because I was eating too little . But the thing is , I'm not losing weight . I'm maintaining my way , but it's telling me I've got an eating disorder . Yes , we're incredibly healthy , but I'm also very short and affected all that , and I just went with it . Complete the door saw . Ignore discrimination body . It's You should write to someone about that are sure I don't know Alan Jones , Right ? Hedley ? Would he understand the dilemma ? Ziv . No problemo . Now he would like you getting healthy . Giving up the Coke , I think , because he was a rugby coach . Yes , I'm still drinking the coke . It's just spent on sugar variety . I can't you let loose ? Well , quite liking it because it tells me like where my calories air from . So I need to up the protein reduced the carbs being told story of my life Anyway , I've got it . I've also got a nutritionist whose like done a two page thing for me and Let's Go . Although I did , he recently , 95% of diets fail and you go back to bigger than you were before . But I think that's bullshit , because I kept white off from a bat 0 2009 to 2000 Thursday . But what's different in your lost all thing , too ? Now I had a personal trainer double that Yeah , it's movement and also portion size . I eat off a salad plate You're bred . Pipe everybody else in the family because they've got a great metabolism and teenagers it off a normal place for mates . Portion size because I'm not expending energy , so I need it . Do you think I expend energy went online on the lamps ? Watching The Real Housewives of New York will also your finger with Twitter heaven calories are reckoned to be a law . You know you're sitting there going bang bang , bang , bang , bang Surely that's movement . Well , you know what I was thinking about , You know , when people are really anxious . So I'm really anxious person . And then they say , Oh , she's got lots of nervous energy . Well , it's never worked for me that I burn up calories by being and like a lunatic we'll see when I'm in a nervous state and being a lunatic . The trouble is , I stuck my face with chocolate . So have the reverse effect . Yeah , and I I've got free flooding , and so I did most of the time , but it's never ever helped me lose calories , although I did go through a stage where if it was really bad , every single time I get up and go for a walk , so that would So . Although hi , I'm okay after this because I flipped the switch . Does that make sense ? It's sort of like training yourself . Like Pavlov's dog . Yes . So every time you get anxious , should bring a bell and go for a walk . What would help ? Don't you think I live in a good spot for it , although it has been cold , but no one is complaining about the weather that he's weird because of 12 degrees . When I left the house this morning , though , it is still winter and we took a long time coming . So maybe that's it . It was snowing in Lythgoe Waas , apparently Stone , Um , well , Sugar Life and Gloucester and Orange in a hamper . Yes , well , I went to Nipple the other day , and I brought out my coat , which I bought to go to Chicago in November . It's been treated are tested to minus 40 degrees . You look like a little Eskimo . Why did our secure ? I'll put a photo up and it was too hot , really . But it could have been because I had a coffee , you know , But it's okay . It's downfield and see if you look good . Who cares if you're too hot ? Yeah , exactly . No , it's a bunny outfit for nipple . I think so . That's where we're at at the moment , in terms of , um , the surprise to only one person was bothered by a bank till Cohen in Shura . Really ? Though I suppose I had the fight with doctors recently because my in being kept going down and they kept saying it was no problem . But that was easily fixed because I kept saying to whoever I reign will got hold off that I needed to watch my fireman porn . You even took it escalated with probably as a sort of a woman of a certain age . You mentioned that you can't watch your porn and you really get pushed right up and you get fixed immediately because they can't cope . That is excellent . Everyone write that down . Owned by the wife The last three months , we've had , you know , 100 bucks 200 bucks knocked off l phone bills because of my farm in porn addiction . Hey , ready ? Maybe we'll finish down your gets environment for porn . I hope my daughter doesn't listen to this for my kids . Know about my farm important addiction . Do they ? Oh , yes . I tell my husband . Time over . Dina . Eso ? Yeah , people would just not that annoyed by the telcos . Mmm . It's weed , isn't it ? It's going to hit . It has gone quiet . I got a mortgage in one day . Approached . Oh , that's brilliant . Bizarre . My brother , he went thio refinance something and it took them , like six months . I've been approved in one day . The first time I went from mortgage , I was buying a place by myself . I went to the bank of bait with , I think , 10 years . So you know , I was fully employed yet been for years . They will , and this is a 20 years ago they would give me $45,000 . They wouldn't give me any more because I was one of a certain age . She was single who had university background and would possibly go back to uni and get more hexed it . But my mate and his wife that had a dependent child . He just started his first job ever . He was offered 100 and $50,000 by the same bank , had a dependent wife and a newborn daughter . Three months , four time where King was given that much on the least . Oh , man , that was 20 years ago . I closed all accounts with that back . Well , it wasn't a bacon . Is a building society a local one ? No . And went thio a different bank in straightaway . Bang . Don't go to the Newcastle permanent . That's the That's the one they dio . I mean , it's we've got a lot on our list at the money . No , the perm . Still , if it's a defector couple , they won't give them the special stuff . Discounted mortgage de facto night . Facto , you must be legally married . Otherwise you won't qualify for the staff mortgage . That's bizarre . Someone should put them on a list and complain way we could solve that . Come to us . Anyone who's got information about the Newcastle permanent . Um , right now I want to talk to you , Jin , about photo gra fi in particular glamour shots and engagement shots . See , I just think this whole thing is fueled by photographers . Now we've got funds and everyone digital files . Everyone take their own peaks , call photographers , you know they're professional ones . One else if they got left . So they've pushed and pushed this whole , you know , glamour . shots . Engagement . Schultz is a master . It's helping them slice out more of a income . Yes . Says they've lost a lot because , you know , family shots . You just take your own these days . But they pushed this whole engagement shot . Um , shoots . And also like the Kate smashes and all these other special weed things . Storied address destroyed the dress . Look , I don't blame the photographers for doing it because they have lost income . But seriously , girls destroying the dress , why would you want to destroy a beautiful dress ? Insect ? Respect the client's place . And even if you end up divorced , we'll just hand the dress over to somebody else . You know , Don't destroy it . Well , as you know , Jin , I have been engaged twice , once to my husband and wants to another . Philo and I had a wedding dress that didn't get used , so I sent it over to America to breast cancer Charity . They rose show across America , and they give the gowns and reduce price to women who have having difficult situations . So they pay small men and then that goes to breast cancer patients . That is a wonderful charity . I wish there was something like that here ? Yes , logistically difficult , do you think ? Well , we have a small population . Vice was spread out , but that is a wonderful idea . Yeah . Now , I thought it was great because I kind of wanted Thio Send it out . You know , we good intentions , but intentions and maybe I'll get a little bit of good comin back . Do what you do , because look at the husband now . Yes , exactly . Is waiting out in the car for us on our blessing . I said , you can come in just the first time . That bit chance . Not scary . Oh , you saw you . But you wouldn't be staring . He know Well , he lives with you saying , Yeah , that's what's scary is asking . I feel really bad for him . Before I got here , I hadn't eaten so in the car , grumpy and in my head . It was like , I've got to get to Jen's house But I couldn't explain what I needed to do . So he was annoying me by parking the car in the wrong spot , even though it wasn't . He's full . But I just couldn't explain because I'm so tired and cranky and I've got like that what they call it when you've got the mind wander . You have to give anything . I don't know because I've got it now , People both of this Like , if Asia Yeah , it's like , um , you blocky . So I was too tired basically to say , get to Jen's house . So I was like , really Frankie in the car . Oh , he loves you . But then , um , we're borrowing a car at the moment . It doesn't have a cup holder . I think that was the cause of a lot off my upset today . So a cupholder absence on the list the moment my husband's new our car than mine doesn't have hated states . I hide a gun in his car . Oh , my soul . No anymore Hated state , Especially the mind of Spain . 12 degrees . That is really cold for you ladies there . I only can play so as this one . But Chicago , with that jacket off our I thought I was tough enough to go to Chicago and not be bothered by the cold because I moved to a lead in Let's go . But we did get out when it was minus one in the morning when we were still kids . Come on , my child . I got out when it was minus one . Well , as New York , it's pointing out he grew up in care , Brooke . And they'd be snow . Yeah , and frozen parts . And then so the kids love pointing out team of the morning dead . The veggie garden is covered . The noise Because we often get us here . Yeah , we do . We do . So okay , I'll call it . Had trouble focusing myself on a benefit fell this morning . But thank you husband for getting Hee hee today . Thank you . Shut out to give it shot out to get Mr Snack Gorilla . Now , where were we ? Climb a shot . Oh , gold yet brush Now I have never been a fan of them And I'm about to tell a story he that puts me in a very bad lot . But that's a cat . You'll now on the beach and we'll call my friend Miss Stalls . Okay , now , once upon a time , in a faraway land sleeve to girls myself and Mr Towels . Now it was her brother's 21st birthday , and we were at the party and she said to make come in here , have an eyeful of this . And it was one of his guests where Well , they were quite on the tasteful side . Glamour photos . Uh , so oh , I wa subete beachy about it and so ashamed we went . Oh , my God . Look , I'm not body shaming or anything . I just think it's a bit weed to give someone a za present fires of you , I don't know . Especially if they were glum . A slash boudoir slash cream ji lingerie tight , straddling the big top shots . Well , I can't remember details , obviously , because it was 20 years ago . But I've brought this conversation up when we're talking about presence and these to some of my friends . When we lived in Bali and , um , one of my friends looked at me , she went , Oh , I've done that for my husband . Big math Lisa . See if I can't see the attraction in it . Maybe it's the man I married in the middle , you know , shagged before none of the guys are being with being interested in that type of thing . My husband would be uncomfortable , I think , to be divorced , nearly look at me and go . What has happened to you ? It's just no , and and these days , with vines and guys after girls or sending dick pics and all that . Why ? I think it's more of a form of control that you have images off them in a Possibly how would you put it prone pose or , you know , not much clothing . So they've got control over you because they captured your soul . It's sort of like the confession time cameras take your soul yet Maybe that suit a part of control , possibly raunch culture . Well , I was talking to my mother about this . Yeah , it's a good barometer . She's a bit of a lady and she just six , the horrific . And then she was the one who brought up its control . It's the men who wanted and the men like having control because they have blackmailed whether or not woman consciously realizes it or anything . Man may know that today makes a form of control Blackmail lighter All Yeah , the mama . Everything's things I don't know . I don't know . You can do what you want . That's fine . I mean , consent . And we like to keep photographers in work . So So it's a glamor photo . The boudoir photo , and they are now , thanks to millennials , you gotta have an engagement portrait . A smug rain selfie . Oh , they're awful those months on the least . Oh , and there's also the rings Selfie set in . The wives at the beach haven't saying that Highly star lost often family Easter Graham . And it's quite often like hoping around a field . Guess you know the old you know , the wooden fence , the top of weight glistening in the afternoon sun . Seriously , Instagram needs funds down . Yes , it does . Not just a love about you need to be out of prison phones down . So it's all about branding you waiting because these guys are so aware that been marketed to their whole lives . Everything look out is in advertising . So of course they're gonna hash tag their weddings and events . So when um , my best friend got married , we had waiting hashtag but we didn't use it with the Garba . Too busy . Let's be in the way . You were good . You were having fun . You forgot that you were supposed to do the right thing and advertise to the world the wedding . I wish you hash tag in a on . You know how they have those things ? I'm saying that get all they have . I love going to you go to a wedding and they've got the instagram frames set up seeking Go hose in it . Is that Lenny ? Your wedding ? This ? Yeah , that was over the top . And plus , they're the ones who always have the envelopes . You can put all the cash in a and put it in the world . Yes . Say no one now gets presence of that generation . They get cash . Well , I think like waiting showers or bridal showers orbit . But engage your parties . It's just a grab for cash . You know , originally they happened because unless they were very naughty people , everyone lived it hard to take on marriage that was setting up a house these days were out earlier . We only by a small majority office led by ourselves on we flatmate . So we've gathered everything together . Before we get married , we don't need wedding gifts . And when people start sending me a list of what they hold , I just think only grow growing . Grabbing person . Well , yeah . I do think that , um , there's a lot of things have changed . Like weddings . For example , it's quite common to have two different dresses . So recently two people from Vanderpump rules were married and she had these dress that was detectable . Also , she could booby afterwards seemed that makes sense . But does this make sense ? That kind of had a reception line or a chilling on whatever of Hooters girls . Ah , it's like a Bogan . We Do . You see why I follow it ? Yeah , wonderful . So I can . Things have changed . The winnings have got a lot more elaborate , A lot more expensive . And they just have the whole thing . Didn't fool like full day . And then the next morning you have the recovery . Rex . See , I'm not someone who likes attention that much . So we didn't have a waiting . We just alert and I will Black and I think my partner spent a hell of a lot more on his outfit than I did on mine . But then again , we did have the target for their who possibly took boudoir shots . But they involved horses , heads and my you do . Exploiting the horse's head in the bed is only in the baby . It's in the bed being between us . Um , all Okay , so it's quirky . It's a quirky want I got it now and we were staring at the onus private quarters at her rather lush resort up the Hunt Valley , and he has these huge fireplace with a really wide long mantelpiece . So there's my husband and he's black leather jeans that he had made for the wedding . And , of course he will . Red silk shirt match he taken that showed off . Put . I think it's sailor's shirt off . I don't know some other shit on and he was lying across the mantelpiece . So there's only two or three photographs that can ever be seen in public . Um , because most of them involved cigarettes hanging out of the mouth , bottles of champagne in bed , horse's head , whips and witnesses who we didn't know . The photographer brought them along with two gay men wearing chaps because they're all on their way to a gay ray that somewhere . Okay , so the horse's head , obviously it's like the one I had when I went to the party . Like it's it's not a proper no nos pipe Mashaie , but it was pretty cool . Did you like it ? No . The photographer bought it all . Oh , hey , when I see , could you play some take photographs ? She's my birthday between . You worked with her as well . Yeah , and she's mad , and she's probably one of the best photographers are able worked with the Spahn all she is a great moment . If he needed photographer , just message us and we'll both sexual . And so she came along and a said , Well , we don't We haven't told anybody . Um , we need witnesses . Considerable . It's great . Perfect timing . I'm going somewhere to my mates are coming . So these two blokes turned up with a leather chaps on , had no idea they were coming to witness the wedding and ended up pissing themselves laughing because we had a 32nd ceremony . So , um , Silver did a little bit and then we'll do you promise to pry seem like you should yes . Do you promise to praise her like you should I declare you legally married and the guys will Just blind away is great . Help get down from the mantelpiece were pretty drunk at that stage . I think he felt not only Phil , but you're 37 . This also you still a bit nimble and could get yourself off mantelpieces in your thirties . Well , he's almost 50 and he still climbs up trees . So does stuff like that . He's big , freaky . No , I can understand now he's obviously feet hidden . But if it was , May on , Maybe could get on your mantel pace . They're going to try , you know , it would be coming down . That would be the problem , dear . I'll just have to wait until someone came home to pick me off it . Wait . Have you not been sufficient ? I get on with them . I'll know they're idiots . Sorry . That's what we think about boudoir . Big tresh . Yeah , but you did your own , like , take on you and ironic . Take on . We're closed now . He don't half of the eagle boys able suit . Oh , yes , that woman who did the boudoir shot with the giant dinosaur . I should do one of the able you should kiss . And you should do , like an engagement shoot as well with the able with the eagle . And I've also said and we get that I think we could all get asked to get the horses here . And you should do Roller King in a failed , you know , like the piece edible . These , you know , glamour shots . So it gave me an idea when you're talking about frolicking , It reminded me of when Scientology We're trying to get Tom Cruise back into the the religion ? No . So religion the cult . They said to him he had this fantasy about , um , running through a pet iq off , um , some flowers with Nicole Kidman . So the first time they got the sunflower is ready . They weren't planted in the right rose according to Scientology . So they had to white again . And then by that point , he had lost interest in the sunflowers that moved on from He's running through the second Your measure . I'm running through the flowers . I can't believe he sort of fell away from Scientology . Well , don't know I had this . Yeah , this is it So cold . Innovative . So I told G um , yet and she was around there , and I think it's near there like figure pay base in California . I think that's where the sunflower field waas . So obviously she wasn't particularly taken by the whole Scientology thing enough . Well , she's Australian . She's smart , she stand on earth . She just got all this fact . Well , she was young when they got together , but she comes from an incredibly smart family , though , you know , they're all pretty . I mean , her sister once went to uni with her cousin , so I don't have a soul as well . No , really . Same coloring . Very smart . That whole thing with Mark there . Yeah , well , um , I think Nicole um , lost kids to the church here . That's , uh that's devastating . Your husband leaves you and you're not sure one and the kids won't talk to you . That could break a person . Honestly , Tom Cruise on the least . Yeah , we don't like you . And you too short and start wearing elevated hails . We know . Wait . Now it'll it's okay for us to be short . Yes . We're not little cult people trying to bring people into the cold , you know ? And we're not . Maybe stars were not defrauding anybody on where this housewives so we could be short . But Tom Cruise , you are on the list and eternal spot . A billion year contract on the least . Oh , Jin , that was magnificent . Oh , every time we talk , it always comes back to the capital Scientology . It does , because there's so much wonder if they're involved in its day . I'm not sure at the moment now . Okay . This is what Jen and I doing this afternoon . We have to find out who the actor , The violist in Holly board who was linked with Cuba , who they are because that's linked to Ex Stain . But the thing is , is gonna be quite a few who have , probably who have winds to Cuba , who have been seen with Epstein because they also live in the same social circles . So there's gonna be a lot of people targeted who may be innocent . So apparently the Cuban dictators I were facilitate up all you create different abstains , dodgy , dodgy dealings . So we've just gotta think now , who couldn't pay our thinking ? Sure , pin , But he he doesn't direct all produce , does he ? I think he has directed , but he's being very caught lately , ever since he's mansplaining poem . Um , I'll put that up on the page . If anyone wants to say it , man , it's fighting May to a Saudi with this American actor . He wasn't involved in any of the bad stuff . He just took drugs and alcohol and used to go to the island . He might have known it , but apparently he's worried he will be dead . Who and the back of the Cubans is Russian oligarchs ? Oh , they're all involved . It's the bop thing . That's why I think Clinton case being pushed . His name keeps surfacing because the Russians are there . People are going to look more trump . And Trump's involved over your slow . He slay . So they throwing the Clintons onto the Boston does . Look , look over here . It's the Clinton zits . The Clintons don't look a truck , so the Russians are up to it . I love a good mystery with a Russian oligarch . Mmm . Um , so let's wait and see if any ill is totally what actors die suddenly , maybe from poison sushi . Like that other guy was poisoned Someone . They got a spy in London with plutonium laced tea at a sushi bar . And we set the bomb whose daughter was poisoned to swell . There was a whole There's about four or five , and a local couple picked up something that was dropped on the ground . And they both died as well . Yes , but they're also , you know , not last people . Apparently so Okay , Yes . So you and I will go back to Twitter . Do it . We'll have discussions . But , um , this is what's going on at the moment . And obviously , you guys are probably here this later , and you'll probably have more information , and we'll still be obsessed , and we still wonder Slipped . Oh , there'll be a joy for my husband . Well , thank you , Jean . Again for sharing your wisdom with us . And I hope the secret mission is going , you know , hate and will yes , without a sacred mission going on off the bench , this is all in the least . It's just to remind me to always be looking for things on the lease . So you have one . And , um , yeah , we can't wait to hear from you all and shows that to my co host , gorilla , who is doing some research for us , and we'll be back better than ever soon . What do you think , Jen ? Come way too junior . Then he you two girls ends to say the laundry chute with a boy sable . Well , that's gonna be perfect . All right , guys , have a wonderful , wonderful day . And thank you for listening , and we're starting out now . Oh , but list

Transcribed by Whooshkaa Transcribe

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State of the World? We prefer our first world problems.

Need a pick up? What’s on your list today? Listen to the Cinderella’s of Snark discuss everyday problems. The Snarkarellas wonder if Rella is too easy going and needs coaching in being …

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