JFK Jr - 20 Years Since Fatal Crash, plus Kennedy Curse

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It’s 20 years this month since JFK Jr, his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette died in a place crash on the Atlantic Ocean.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr (JFK Jr) was famous from birth as the son of the 35th United States President. He was a political and pop culture icon.

So Lisa decides to discuss what’s happened in the world since the day of the air accident, July 16, 1999. Trump is President, the Twin Towers were destroyed and then rebuilt, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy has become a fashion icon & then there’s the story about his cousin on the Real Housewives of New York. Also apologies for saying the twin towers attack was in 2011, I know it was 2001.

Lisa had to study the Kennedy Curse for a tv quiz show audition. She didn’t end up going to the Hard Quiz event, so she’s going to talk you through the tragedies that have given
rise to suspicious the family was cursed. You decide. Is there something sinister at work against the Kennedy family? Or bad luck? Human behaviour? Or was it the patriarch, Joseph P Kennedy? Too much money?

Hello and welcome to the ladies of Lithgow I'm Lisa VanderTait and today I'm gonna have a little chat to you about John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior, who was the son of the American president John F Kennedy.

Now the reason for this is it's 20 years ago (can you believe it?) since he crashed his aeroplane into the northern Atlantic Ocean off Martha's Vineyard.

And with him was his wife and fashion icon Carolyn and her sister Lauren and we can just hope that they are resting in peace because it must've been a terrible terrible thing to go through.

According to the crash investigation, John actually engaged in what's called a coffin spiral.

He lost all sense of Where he should be and wasn't that experienced in flying off instruments.

So he was going on what his brain was telling him, which is confusing in certain I suppose I'm certain aspects of arm being a pilot.

I don't know a lot about that but what I do know is the man was famous from the moment he was born in 1960, just after his father had won the US election.

It was the tightest election in history there was any million votes in it no I'm sorry 100,000 votes in it.

And there were allegations that his father may have done a deal with the Chicago mob to actually get his son John over the line in that election.

Now whether that's true or not I don't think we will ever actually know.

But what they were saying is the Chicago the mob was involved and they had some influence with the unions and were able to use that to get him over the line ahead of Nixon so that's kinda history changing isn't it we may not of had watergates all when we consider the personality of Nixon perhaps he would've crashed to wards some terrible scandal I don't know which John if Kennedy may not have been assassinated would have gone if next one would have gone again we will never know that's the mystery and I'm not going to get into the conspiracy theory's I'm here to tell you what are the known facts and the reason for that is recently I was given an audition on hard quiz which is an Australian television? Oh and you had to pick an area of expertise and I was like what Is mine besides the real housewives of arm New York or vent Vanderpump rules actually and then I thought the Kennedy curse that is the one thing I know about now the Kennedy curse some people especially Kennedys say it doesn't exist but does it now the story allegedly and the family says their father was never in anti-Semite but the story is Joe Kennedy so that's the father of the President John F Kennedy's father his name is joseph Patrick Kennedy Parrant Lee he upset a rabbi by being racist on the ship and he allegedly put the curse on the family the reason why I mentioned this is the Kennedys haven't had much luck with aeroplanes which brings this to John and his accident on July 16, 1999 now I thought I'd start off with a little note to John as though I'm talking with him because we're close like that and telling what's happened since 1999 because the world has transformed incredibly partly due to this is my opinion of course the Internet but also September 11 so let me start do you John hi it's Lisa from Lithgow here I just wanted to run you by a few things that have happened since July 16, 1999 now the first thing is your friend from basketball matches he is the president yes Donald Trump is the president of the United States and he never set out to be the president According to Steve Bannan who is his close advisor he actually just wanted to get a platform to start a media network something as a marketing exercise and he won whether it was a fair win or not we don't know their allegations about yes Russian interference could you imagine your father wouldn't would've lost his s**t over that I imagine that the Russians could I suppose prefer the American democratic system like that but anyway he's president he's bit bumbling but he's made friends with North Korea can you believe it arm he likes to seem self as a Dealmaker and America's never been more divided I think since the days of race relations back in the 60s am so women have been marching on washing Button with vagina hats on their heads and fury added by Trump and they see him as a real threat her female rights and people in the south there are pockets hard pockets that really support him because he went in on a background of creating jobs I won't go any further John I'll just let that sink in the dawn is the president his number 45 your dad 35 thought that was interesting now the 20 towers were destroyed in 2011 by is Lamacq terrorists they were eventually rebuilt as a testament to human resilience and the willingness to state no we will not be coward we will not be back Wait now I'm sorry but aeroplanes were involved it's a bit awkward isn't it and then there was a war in Iraq and one in Afghanistan it's called the war on terror not a go anything go on it any more detail now reality TV sweet baby cheeses hasn't that come along I'm not sure where it was at in America the first one we saw here in Australia is called Big Brother with a lock a bunch of people from all walks of life in a house for a few months with cameras 24 seven so now we've got singing shows I got dancing shows we've got the real housewives of Beverly Hills the real housewives of New York and your cousin Anthony's wife Carol Redsville she was a New York housewife I think for three or four seasons arm So it's really become mainstream and that emphasis on pop culture has never been greater I'll tell you something you know the lawyer in the O.J. Simpson trial Rob Kardashian his daughters are bigger than their phenomenon an absolute pop culture phenomena on and they've created this fashion trend that big butts are in so that song from the early 90s I like big butts and I cannot lie women are now doing squats so they have a big butt work that out it's all the Kardashian thing going on now Chris Kardashian married arm Bruce Jenner the Olympic athlete that used to be on the cereal boxes arm they broke up and he's decided to transition his gender arm to FEMA Well so Bruce is now Caitlin Jenner and he was probably the most famous before they started this reality TV show but they've married and divorced on the show multiple times they all have children they surrogates you can't miss it really so that just getting example of how the world has changed but you're onto it with your magazine George you knew about pop culture and how it intersex with politics how did we get Trump you may ask reality television there was a show called the apprentice where you got punters and there was celebrity apprentice and they worked with Donald over several months and his favourite line was your fired if they stuffed up a task so they be told to do this and that And if I stuffed it up heat fire them in the end someone wins I think they win money and they get to hang out with Donald and help him with one of his hotel businesses or construction businesses that's how huge it was that there's a president whose I supplies meteoric claim to fame came from reality TV but you knew that you had Drew Barrymore dressed as Marilyn Munro on the front page of your magazine I suppose it was your playful way of acknowledging your father's legacy and certainly made people sit up and take notice as did your first cover with Cindy Crawford as George Washington and she had a sock down her leggings you knew it you're onto it I think probably because you were a celebrity From the day you are born Jon I just cannot understand what that's like other than being Royal now speaking of Royal you're ready and Afro-Americans divorced woman is now a British Duchess i.e. a princess so she married Prince Harry who when you died was 14 years old can you believe it wasn't a problem at all have been divorced she walked down the isle Windsor Castle St George's Chapel not a problem except for her thirsty relatives sorry I need to explain thirsty to you because it's a pop culture word desperate for fame relatives have been leaking left right and centre I'm sure you would remember this because you were chased by the media every day bro Life so was your mum now has something else your wife Caroline is a fashion icon these days just like your mum so the caravan looks very popular fashion goes on a cycle so we are now wearing leopard print I want that product redcoat she ball with you that day when you're walking the dog and I think you had a red scarf or red beanie I'll my god I want that coat but I don't think Prado does plus size that's the other thing John we're all a bit fat these days century lifestyle I don't think you would be no way now John I hope I filled you in on what's happened in the world they just like the top or maybe I did five yeah I think I did five arm but you are Iconic your family is iconic your wife was iconic and that's it from me John but if you're listening at home I don't want you to go because I did all that study on the Kennedy curse for my audition on the hard quiz show and I want it to be worth something and means something so I'm just gonna tell you guys a bit about the Kennedy curse and if you could let me know whether you think I'm full of it I believe it is died there's something going on I don't know is it money is it entitlements I'm not sure but I want to take you to August 12, 1944 so the oldest Kennedy child joseph Kennedy Junior died in Aeroplane I know it's bloody awkward isn't it an aeroplane accident he was fine one of the first drones in World War II and over towards France and I think the plane blew up that's right it blew up over Norfolk in the UK so and he was the chosen one to be president and his father and mother's eyes but then they went for John and that's how we got John F Kennedy as president and that's how we got JF Kennedy Junior God love him okay now so awkward guys May 13, 1948 Kathleen Cavendish who's JFK sister dies in a plane crash with her married lover in France Awkward it's another God can you believe it I also want to add I am remiss 1941 now I think joseph Kennedy was the family is cursed because he 1941 without his wife's knowledge he got his eldest daughter Rosemary lobotomised and it basically turned her into an invalid for the rest of her life now Rosemary was a little bit more backward than the hired shaving Kennedy family but it got to the point where they couldn't control her any more so what are we do just if we find a Doctor Who will port okay I'm just gonna give you a warning hear the spit graphic put a nice pic in her head it was tragic And she was institutionalised for the rest of her life okay so the Kennedys from 1948 onwards didn't have any more aeroplane crashes on the bottom is thank goodness that what they did have was Jackie Kennedy lost two babies 1963 was Patrick and there was one in the 50s Arabella but the biggest tragedy the one we all know about is November 22, 1963 when President John F Kennedy walls Ganntown in Amo cade through Dallas I'm not even getting into who shot him I can't I don't know enough they've released Ucation Comments about him recently I still don't know one theory who had the most to gain I think it was LBJ have you came president straight after I don't know what do you think that's what crew truck true crime by the way JFK Junior or all of CEst with true crime arm yeah so hit that was Linden Baynes Johnson he was the 36 president he was sworn in on F force one with Jackie Kennedy next to him in her blood stained suit Betty wait we all know John was shot the official version is it was that I was well guy and even though the Warren commission in the 70s Found that there may have been more than one shooter okay then in June 6, 1968 now he's a reason why I think joseph Patrick Kennedy is the Kennedy curse he put so much pressure on his sons to be in politics so his son Robert Kennedy was going down at the Ambassador hotel on live television in front of his wife and he died oh there was one more actually this list isn't comprehensive another plane crash with Ted Kennedy the youngest Kennedy Centre Ted Kennedy and he didn't die but one of his advisors died and that was in 1964 I don't know why John I suppose it's youth that mate Do you feel like nothing can I don't know you feel like you never going to die but John you and your family and the planes I just do not know what is going on there okay so the government still alive who shot Robert Kennedy interesting okay so then for a little while we have a bit of a hiatus in terms of tragedy except on the Onassis side now I'm sure some of you know that Jackie Onassis arm was Jackie Kennedy John's wife she married a Nessus his son died in an accident and then in 72 hour Nessus died but there was also a terrible car accident That Ted Kennedy was involved in and he drove off a bridge and a young lady died and the allegations was pretty obvious to me he left to send the accident didn't report it for eight or nine hours later she drowned and I think you got a two month suspended sentence but it could be there's a lot of Kennedys maybe that's why they have all this tragedy I don't know please let me know I want someone to tell me this person thing okay 1984 so Rob one of Robert Kennedy sons he saw his father going down on television he died in a G to a drug overdose on cocaine painkillers and anti-psychotic medicine then his brother Michael And he died in 97 in a skiing accident while he was playing football on skis with his family in Aspen he crashed into a tree but he also had his reputation sullied by the fair that he had with a young babysitter 99 then obviously we have JFK juniors aeroplane crash 2012 RFK juniors wife Mary Kennedy died from suicide at their New York home they are strange at the time he since remarried we also had the death due to cancer of 10 Kennedy brain cancer but he was known as the line of the Senate and he was I would Usher in significant health care reform which is now been backpedalled by Trump but that was his biggest life time achievement which is quite significant really and also his daughter and I think it was it Kara I have to have a look I died from a heart attack as well at the gym she was only 50 years old and that was only a few years ago and then we had arm one of the Lawford so that's JFK Junior's cousins he died during a hot yoga class this year so look I just don't know if it's a curse or not maybe they're all getting older and more are dying but the whole plane thing is absolutely frightening I do you think that It's an issue although were they flying at a time when aircraft travel was very dangerous in the 60s with teddy and in the 40s with the two older Kennedy children are I do not know arm do they have money and access to being out to buy their own planes be at a spin and hang out skiing so you end up into a tree is it entitlement is it recklessness I do not know but I think it's worth acknowledging JFK Junior he was pop culture from the moment he was born I think I'm like Royals can understand what he went through what it meant to be John because he absolutely did not live in his father shadow Which I think is a testament to himself everyone says what an amazing guy he was and his mother she brought up to normal children and it's not easy when you're in the spotlight like that and some of the other Kennedys family children have had tragedies of gone off the rails but Jackie Kennedy raise two really good kids in John and Caroline and I think we need to acknowledge that Caroline was the Japanese ambassador in the Obama rain and she's living a nice life now and she's selling Jackies $65 million estate at the moment through Christies Martha's Vineyard it is actually so if you've got a spare 65 million google it buy it please invite me now thank you for indulging me in what is The last episode of the ladies of Lithgow such an honour to have you listen I'm really to allocate this time it's very special thing but we're coming back with a new podcast called hello complaints department so stay tuned for that we are getting ready to launch it and the Duchess will be joining me of course because together we are a team I can't do it without my Duchess can I anyway have a great day don't forget July 1620 years since JFK past JFK Junior thank you and have a great day it's absolutely fabulous sleep the only other thing I want to say before we finish off is John always called him self John Kennedy never John John he hated it that way The nickname made by the press thank you

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