Ladies of Lithgow - The Duchess returns, her birthday, mindfulness our way & election pranks

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Are you over birthdays? Well it’s happy birthday to the Duchess Of Eskbank! But is she happy about turning um 35?

Introducing the Mindfulness Molls. Should we make an app? Why does Lisa sound like a fishwife? Does mindfulness work or is it a cult? We have some suggestions for mindfulness regardless.Just turn down the volume a fraction.

Plus there’s a Federal election. Why is the promise of a democracy sausage not enough to excite these ladies? Should Lisa buy a LifeSize cardboard cutout of an infamous pollie to prank people? Does anyone have a spare clown car?

Hello there welcome to the Ladies of Lithgow!

I am Lisa VanderTait and on my right I have my esteemed colleague who is back after a little break.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Duchess of Eskbank!

Look Lisa VanderTait thank you so much I'm so excited to be back here again - it's been such a long time.

But I tell you what, I'm rested I'm calm I'm zen and I'm feeling good, but you know what's even better? I've come back to some pretty fabulous news!

Yes we've had some news I don't know if you guys have been following the Ladies of Lithgow Facebook page or even better the Ladies of Lithgow society, we have just passed a milestone for us.

We have just made 2000 and listens - that is unbelievable. That is an amazing number.

Thank you so much and that is actual individual listens, okay.

So it's not my mum listening to it 1547 times?

No she got a bit tired, okay alright that's good.

But thank you mum I do appreciate you, so you never know and yeah.

Excuse me that's my child coming out here eating cheese and we do like to eat cheese, while recording we eat cheese we drink champagne.

We are the Ladies of Lithgow & someone had a birthday.

Happy birthday.

Thank you so much. It is some birthdays are a bit of a funny thing and it's something I think we should talk about in this episode

Yes I am but I just have really been focused on a birthday and you start thinking I need to sort myself out.

This is the last year I'm gonna be like this I need to be like that so I've been looking at a bit of mindfulness.

Oh really

No cults!

No, no that was so 2018.

But in your case 2002.

Yes that's it that coincides with leap years last year was in leap, was it?

No, I don't think it was - anyway just trying to find some planetary cosmic set of reasoning behind

I heard Pluto, which is not a planet, but it's going into retrograde, and that's not a good thing.

Well you better wait but I don't know do what we have to do to make sure we're not retrograded.

Well mindfulness is part of the answer to everything.

Well i I think it's a cult but then I think everything is a cult.

So let’s go on to my fitness, so I've been doing a little bit of it months and it's really come about because of been having challenges and struggles with sleep.

My mind will not shut up, it thinks about the future it gets worried about what's gonna happen

It replays conversations 35 years ago.

It is just yet so I have to just get it to shut the F up but my phone is apparently is a way to be able to do that.

Well in theory, yes go on.

It is bloody hard, it is so hard like I am trying to be mindful but I'm struggling to be mindful.

I know it's really difficult and I sort of think it might be like a muscle or something that you just gotta keep exercising and keep and I'm s**t at exercising are you

I'm not because I'm perfectionist believe it or not and I get a bit obsessive about things, so I've tried and I tried really hard.

Because there's a book on mindfulness I spoke about about it earlier. I just remembered - it is Happiness Trap & by Russ Harris helped through mindfulness people get through massive trauma yeah which is great.

But it hasn't worked for me because what came along with that was I had to do like 45 minute sessions just sitting on a chair. Too long time for me monkey brain, so yes yeah yeah I do.

But I tried it this morning, so you may have heard me mention I do have an offspring and she was sick home from school.

This morning and you know how kids know that level to put their voice survival mechanism.

Thanks for listening. It means a lot to us. x

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