Team Sussex Tribute to Meghan & Harry - Ladies of Lithgow

26 minutes

We’ve been covering Baby Sussex since the pregnancy announcement was made in Australia in November.

The Duchess and Lisa VanderTait have been Prince Harry fans since he was a bun in Princess Diana’s oven.

This is our tribute to Harry & Meghan from our first episode. Enjoy. It starts about one minute in. We are in raptures as Harry meets Lisa’s friend Veggie Mumma. Yes, meets! And takes her gift for the baby!

Come on bubba! We are waiting!

Now here’s a flashback.

It has been a whirlwind of a tour I have been busy & I've looking to my TV.
I hoping to meet Harry very soon .

My friend met Harry yesterday.

Yes, Veggie Mama, it's all on her Instagram you can actually see her at the moment she gives him the booties and he made a joke.

Prince Harry said “they are far too small for me.”

Yes nice one - okay and what happened to the gift? Did he put a pocket to be passed on?

I'll find out for you because I'm not exactly sure at the moment.

They had to line up for 3 1/2 hours much like us in 1983 to see the Queen.

Anyway Meghan is like what Meghan, sorry, is three months pregnant.

She still had 4 inch heels on and she's amazing absolutely amazing - what a trooper.

I don't know about you but when I was that pregnant I had my head in a bucket most of the time, so yeah she's certainly got some stamina.

Anc it is so beautiful like Harry is the nicest guy and Meghan she is just just the way she looks at him.

But did you see her holding the umbrella for Harry?

I get quite emotional about that you know they made me cry then and I'm a hard face bitch.

I know but yesterday with the veggie mama meeting and I wanted to cry then.

It is it's very moving very moving.

I might have to up something in medication.

No, but I do love him and I did credit his mother with a lot of his charm.

He is quite humble - yes the connection with people yet but there is that real rapport.

And there is that real connection that they make.

Yes did he go to Iraq and Afghanistan or just Iraq?

I think after that it gives you a different perspective.

Well for sure. He is adorable like he's running around hugging everyone and being hugged.

He doesn't have that whole non-hugger thing like his father has.

okay Duchess - would you hug Prince Charles?

Yes and I know you're gonna be upset about this.

But what about Camilla?

Now this is our first episode and I really don't wanna ruin our friendship and I know that I've been getting this topic a little bit.

I'm not rational about it - do not try to be logical with me because it will trigger me anyway.

I'd even hug Camilla.


Because Royal!

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