Things Are Escalating Keli Lane & Prince William Rumours

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Lisa plugs the Wicked True Crime Podcast - Problem Child. Things have gotten crazy with safety and legal threats to the podcaster.

Plus Lisa discusses the Turnip Toff allegations about a Lady named Rose Hanbury & Prince William. Did they have an affair or is it vicious gossip? What is a Turnip Toff? Is the real beef between Prince Harry and Prince William? Is Meghan a smokescreen or did she start the rumours?
Exhausting - IRK?
Declaration - I’ve worked pro-bono on Wicked but it’s not my podcast.

Welcome to the Ladies Of Lithgow. Straight from a wineglass in Uncle Shorty's new shed. And here they are.

Hello this is Lisa Vander Tait. And welcome to this special edition of the Ladies Of Lithgow podcast. Now firstly I'd like to talk quickly about the wicked true crime podcast, which is a lock in to the murder conviction of Keli Lane and the disappearance of her daughter baby Tegan, age two days old. It's absolutely ripping through the itunes charts. If you go to the ladies of Lithgow, there's a link there. It's brought out a whole lot of things that no one ever knew about. So you can find on radiopublic and itunes as well so it's called problem child and it's part of the wicked true crime podcast. And I'll tell you what. Things have gotten crazy there. Now speaking of things that have gotten crazy these rumors about Prince William having an affair actually have gotten a lot of traction. At first it was just one American journalist and a British journalist talking about it some legal threats, which is unusual for the royals.

And what they were upset about was the mention that Kate Middleton had fallen out with her best friend and it was unusual for them to threaten to sue over that. So what's happened is it's got legs and the story is that William was having an affair with Kate's best friend and her right. Her name is Rose Chumley. They're known as the turnip Goff’s, a Group that hangs around Norfolk in England. So that's sorry I laughed. Turn it to it's designed to nip off and it's obviously an insult. They're too posh to be posh maybe. So apparently from what I've heard and what I've researched Rose, has spoken about it and it's gotten out and half of half of London's High Society knows about it.

Now the reason why this is significant is Have you noticed Meghan's been getting so much bad publicity? And the theory is she is a foil for William. Now interestingly stories have come out this weekend about sending Harry and Megan to Africa because Megan can't get on with anyone.

It's rather strange that even mentioned Australia I was outraged. I love Harry you know that. But he cannot be Governor-General and that would be a sure path I think to a republic. And then we can have Hugh Jackman as president. What do you think. Let me know. You might have other ideas but. So that’s the story.

Now. I used to work in crisis and issues management public relations. It's a very dark art and they've got more people and people far more experienced than me working for the palace. This story just dropped over. Have a guess where Prince William is.

He's in New Zealand. He's been banished now. Does that ring a bell? Remember Prince Philip when he betrayed the queen? I think she sent him on a slow boat to Africa he might have even come to Australia. But I got upset about that because Australia is not a toy for the British aristocracy to work out their family problems do what everyone else does get drunk at Christmas and yell and fight when no one's fiefdom honestly. And if they did that as much as we love the two of them let it be the end of the monarchy in Australia which I think is on its way out anyway.

But that's not what you hear for, you are here for the gossip and really I need someone to get in on this and investigate what's going on. Maybe I should ask the host of The Wicked true crime podcast if she has a view on this or if she knows any Turnip toffs?

Come on Lisa turn it off said all right. So give you the background rose the alleged adulterous think that I married this guy called Mr the Earl of rock Savage. Isn't that cool. They had a short engagement and then the next day it was revealed they were having twins and a day later they tied the knot. So it was rather rather fast. Now some people are saying that William has a crush on her.

Come on mate you got three kids and a wife. Don't go crushing on anyone. I will send you to where could we send him if he keeps being naughty places. I do not like. What's wrong with me I can't be negative. It's not like me. I think they're not sure Sydney's pretty boring except when I hang out with my friends in that part of Sydney. So where would we put him somewhere. Very very posh Mosman. We'll send you to Mosman. You have to put up with all those Libra doodles then hopefully you learn the area of your ways because I think all cheating spouses should have some banishment as punishment. I think would work quite well. You need space and time. So Rose was apparently she's the marquee of Chumley although it's not spelt that way but apparently they were best friends. Rose was shooting her mouth off and now here's where it gets really interesting. Kate banished her from their social set which I quite like. And apparently she was far more assertive about it than she has been in a long time sorry water. I just get excited. Okay so but Harry found out about this and he absolutely lost the plot because of their childhood and because of Charles and we all know about that don't right. So it's very much reeks of Charles and Diana.

Someone in your circle someone whom you trust. Let's go deny it. That's why I think I've got legs because of how they've lied in the past to protect the monarchy they did. I remember I was around nineteen eighty one to nineteen ninety seven so him and Harry have had an absolute falling out. So the genius evil grey coated men have decided to put all this shit out about Megan in the tabloids. So obviously Harry's furious and he can't say anything because it's his brother and the monarchy and all that shit that goes with it. Another rumour is that they've got a real estate agent looking for a house in L.A. for them but I don't think this is true because the budget was 10 million. That doesn't bother you much in L.A.. I watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I watch Vanderpump Rules and I know that Jax Taylor just bought a house in the valley somewhere and it was worth two million. So I don't know how you're gonna protect two royals but I would like her to become friends with Lisa Vanderpump maybe that would be quite good. She's one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She lives at Villa Rosa. She's English and she has pit ponies as little ones and swans and 100 dogs and a dog rescue place.

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